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appleute – App Development Agency is the easiest way to get your idea from paper to reality. Since 2017 we build and grow your professional-grade web and mobile applications with our development teams in Munich, Berlin and Bangalore.

Mobile development

appleute - bringing app ideas to life

Marc and Aaron appleute founders

Marc Müller & Aaron Dettner - appleute Founders

Our app development agency combines the brightest minds in design and development with the necessary freedom and tools to make your App development fire. appleute offers great app architecture and unlimited scalability. You have a great App idea and are looking for a professional app agency to bring your app idea to life?

Then learn appleute know! We offer app development at the highest technical level. We are a competent partner for you on the way of your app development. App agency appleute is looking forward to getting to know you and your project, so we can make your app idea fly.

Flexible, scalable and robust app development

appleute app development agency helps you build sophisticated digital products for your clients and employees.

Native App Development

The App Store is where we live. Whether you’re building an MVP for your start-up idea or if you are taking your existing app to the next level. Appleute makes use of all system features from the operating systems (Android and iOS) that have been written for the specific platform to perfectly integrate into the host system – this will lead to an improved user experience. 

Web App Development

Often used to get a quick product online, its development is often underestimated. Web-app development requires full understanding during the application planning process in order to implement all functionalities of the application in an integrated manner. Creating a responsive design across different browsers and devices is key for a great user experience.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App development is the right solution for exhaustive consumer apps. The app is developed once only but runs across all platforms (Web, iOS, and Android). Making use of appleute’s agile development process, multi-platform apps are the most cost-effective and appropriate alternative to native app development. 

API Development

API integration services are a necessary tool for many companies. Often large corporates are using outdated technologies that new, innovative systems have to integrate into. appleute empowers businesses with API development that covers fields such as payment providers, accounting software, and ERP-software.

MVP Development

Often apps are just an idea at the beginning, which customers want to test with a few customers/users first. For this purpose, the development focuses exclusively on the essential functions. After confirmation or proof of concept, additional functions are added and old ones are improved. The development of an MVP is also often used by start-ups.

Android development

Android development is a category of native app development. Android devices are generally more widely used than iOS devices (up to 95% market share). Depending on the market, it often makes sense to develop exclusively on Android. In this case, apps are developed specifically for the Android operating system and optimized for it. Our stack ranges from Kotlin to Java and C++.  

Cross-platform app development

Cross-platform app development is widely used. Many large apps, such as Facebook and Uber, have been built using these technologies. While Facebook has developed and uses its own React Native development language, there are many other languages that are commonly used.

iOS Development

iOS development is a category of native app development. iOS devices have only a small market share. However, this can vary greatly from approx.5%-30%). When apps are created for large user bases, it can often make sense to develop natively, i.e. on the iOS operating system.

The roots of appleute - app development agency

Our team has built fantastic digital products used by thousands of people.

Software Development Kit

In the early days, we were a bunch of friendly German and Indian university students. We took on a few IT projects here and there. Over time, the Projects bigger and bigger. While we were able to grow with freelancers in the beginning, we reached a point where it was no longer possible to work with freelancers to meet the growing demands of project size and complexity. We found the best solution was to build a company with a stable core team. In 2017 we founded Permatech IT in Bangalore, India. As we counted more and more customers from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), we opened an office in Hammelburg, Germany. 

Today appleute consists of a Team of German IT project managers and Indian developers and designers. While internally we mostly communicate in English (the online language), most client communication is in German. appleute is what our customers would call a one-stop-shop for app development projects.

Success stories in app development

Read about our successes. Better yet, become one of them! appleute is one of the best app development agencies out there - convince yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of app development depends on several factors such as project requirements, scope and complexity. What we can say is that it is almost impossible to find an app development agency that offers better value for money. This is because a large part of our Teams in Bangalore, India, works. appleute has the Best designers and developers while maintaining a fair cost structure.

The development of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for an app project usually starts at around 10,000€. Most app development projects we have done so far are in the 5-digit range.

In an initial meeting, a project manager will want to know the scope of the app development project, based on which you will receive a quote. If you would like to learn more about app development costs, read here more.

On average appleute 28-50 % cheaper than any other German app development agency. The reasons for this are the lower cost of living and base salaries in India, where most of our designers and developers are based.

By default, appleute offers a fixed cost pricing model or a milestone pricing model for each app development project. This is also what most of our clients prefer so that they can plan their budget reasonably. We are open to discuss other ways of funding your app development project, e.g. Tech for Equity.

Your ideas can only be heard if you give a voice to them.

Contact us. Ideally, call us at 09732/30 24 984 and one of the team will be happy to discuss Your idea for an app. If you prefer to write, use this form and we will respond within one business day. We offer a free and non-binding initial consultation an - we will simply be happy to help you.

The duration of an app development project from start to finish varies depending on several factors such as project requirements, scope and complexity. As a rule of thumb we can say that a project at €15000 (+VAT) normally takes around 10-12 weeks.

Will a single dish cooked by many cooks be prepared faster than the same dish cooked by one cook? This analogy can be applied quite well to projects of the App development transfer. This means that in some cases of app development, assigning more designers and developers can speed up the overall app development process, while in other app projects this effect is mitigated. We ask all clients to communicate from the beginning about deadline requirements associated with your app project. This is to avoid a situation where we compromise on quality to meet a deadline.

Of course, data security and confidentiality are of utmost importance to you and us. All our employees sign a confidentiality agreement with each new project. NDA. In this way, we ensure that your data is only ever viewed by a limited group of people and that none of your competitors gets their hands on your intellectual property.

Also, we use data encryption techniques to protect against any sort of data leakage. We strictly follow the most rigorous IT security standards to be able to run even security-sensitive app development projects.

Note that we only ever consider completed app projects to be Reference publish on our website if the customer gives his consent.

Tell us about your project

Together we plan, discuss and create your project.

Marc Mueller from Germany and Hanush Pillai from India. Over the years, our team has developed into a full-fledged development partner, even for complex large orders.

Yes. appleute monitors and adapts to the constantly changing GDPR landscape. GDPR compliance is essential.

Sure! A good app is one that grows and matures over time. That's why our approach to developing an app starts with creating the lightest functional version, even MVP (minimum viable product). Building an MVP allows you to experimentally test initial hypotheses associated with the app and lays the groundwork for future upgrades to the app. That is, in the MVP you may discover flaws or aspects of your app product that you would not have noticed otherwise. Based on your findings, you can make changes that will benefit your app.

Of course appleute offers the possibility to make changes to your app after its launch. Upgrades can happen in multiple ways: You can commission us to carry out specific work for you, e.g. when you want to have a particular functionality added to your app. With most of our clients we agree on a requirement-based post-delivery contract that includes a fixed amount of hours of developer time every month. This is superb to make sure that the project is continuously updated.

We strongly prefer the use of open source programming languages. For the frontend this means that we use the "classics" HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For the backend, we use JavaScript and PHP. Most of our projects are based on React Native and React JS. Web applications are mostly implemented on front-end layout frameworks (Bootstrap, Material Design) that work with front-end frameworks like React.

These are the most versatile technologies to create web app and mobile app development projects because of the consistency between the frontend and backend - both use JavaScript. On top of that, there is a huge amount of developer support. This makes it easy to find frameworks that are supported and can be quickly added to the project. In general, API-based systems are easy to manage with REST APIs. Growing to microservices is often a necessary next step that is greatly facilitated on Node. A microservice architecture usually starts to make sense when we are working with 20 or more engineers. Otherwise, the cost of orchestration completely outweighs the cost of building the viable product and adding new features to your app. Typically, we would start each app with something in between a monolith and a microservice. This allows us to move to microservices as needed.

We offer Web App Development for which we mainly use React as frontend framework. This system combination is optimal for larger Web apps or progressive web apps with extensive functionalities are provided. Also for less complicated projects we have an internal company division that will be happy to take care of you in this regard.