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API Development

API Development

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Our Work


Puma CATch UP is the name of the Puma employee magazine, which mainly informs Puma employees worldwide, but also the general public about news from the Puma world. 

Among other things, appleute handled the API integration between WordPress and the native mobile app.

Our Work


With Betra, you can offer your customers an automated, personalized and efficient shopping experience.

The AI camera technology recognizes when a product is picked up and adds it to the customer's digital shopping cart. As soon as the customer leaves the store, a digital receipt is issued immediately. You don't need cash or a card to shop - thanks to the link to Stripe's payment API and WS Pay.

Our Work

Vytal API

The app was developed for use in a restaurant/café to sell a few boxes, scan them, or accept them back. The use case in our customer's kitchen extended this to about 500-1000 boxes per hour. The challenge here was the speed of the app, because it is designed for 2-3 boxes at a time as described, not 500-1000 per hour.

Choose the right API format for you!

APIs are diverse, and come in all colors and shapes. 

Our team of experts builds on a wealth of experience and can reuse existing structures. In addition to health-check APIs for permanent control of the correct functioning of the API link, we are happy to create any interface. 

Internal API

Open API

Partner API

Benefits of using APIs

APIs bring applications together to perform a specific function based on sharing data and executing predefined processes. They enable developers to create new interactions between the different applications you use every day.

Easy Integration

An API allows different platforms and systems to connect to each other and exchange information to perform different types of tasks.

Improve services

APIs simplify the implementation of new applications, business models, and digital products, and effectively complement and enhance their development with third-party products or services.

Automate Tasks

APIs are essential for many automation strategies. Thanks to the automation and integration of processes, your company can save costs, time and effort.

Better Integration

APIs allow you to achieve better results with less development effort, and you can integrate third-party vendors into your applications to increase their functionality and utility.

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