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App conceptualization

How the app concept creation works

Improve success by building a team and focusing on the results your users want to see. The app is not a series of screens, but a series of interactions that help the user achieve the desired outcome. It's about finding an answer to a problem he's facing.

How can you contribute your own ideas and implement a successful app concept?

Why an app concept is so important

The biggest challenge is to meet both the business goals and the user needs. This happens in the app conception phase, where the business goals and user needs are addressed. A good idea for an app is something we encounter every day. In order to develop apps that people will use, you need to thoroughly understand the needs you want to address and focus on your ultimate goals. It's easy to get distracted by all the great ideas you can come up with a Implement app can. You discover that you spend time capturing the potential and details that are worth considering at a later stage. Instead of focusing now on the core Your idea focus, you are constantly expanding the scope, which affects the time spent on design and development.

Putting end-user needs at the center of app development makes it easier to focus on your goals. App concepts should always focus on the user. The App development succeeds best when users are at the center. For example, no one asked Edison to invent the light bulb, and people at the time only knew a world without a light bulb. Yet he knew that people needed light. The invention of the light bulb satisfied a latent need.

What does your audience expect?

Put your customers at the center

Try to pursue in your app concept the desired result you want to achieve, not the features the ideal solution should have. A common mistake is to focus on creating a perfect solution, while the outcome itself is what matters. The value proposition ("this app solves problem x") is the expected outcome. The question is whether a problem is solved rather than how it is solved. However, this leads brands and companies to focus on the Application development fail. Instead, you can define the value of your application by focusing on the results users want to achieve. And asking "what does the user really want to achieve" helps the team focus on a universal end goal.

To achieve outcome-based innovation, you must create a framework. The requirement is a desirable outcome, not a characteristic.

The root cause of many app problems lies in the lack of understanding of the user, their cognitive and emotional patterns. Building a solid user interface and fostering a satisfying user experience is a major challenge. Many companies assume they understand their users' needs. But do they really? A list of app requirements, from internal experts, and very simple user surveys are necessary. In addition, it makes sense to compare the app concept with App development experts to discuss the already with a Variety of app ideas have come into contact with.

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Efficient achievement of the desired result

How to get to the destination

The difference between a good and a very good App is measured by the benefits users get from the app. When discussing the features of your app, it's easy to lose sight of why they're using it. However, the main goal is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for customers to solve the problems they downloaded the app for. Ideally, you take the user's perspective and focus on getting the desired results as quickly and easily as possible. The idea of getting the user to their destination as quickly as possible is relevant not only to the design, but to the entire app environment. A good app design provides shortcuts to the results you and your users want to see, and considers the big picture. It focuses on the individual interactions within your app rather than the Design of individual screens.

This means that as part of your app design, you should think about what actions a user will take when using the app and how answers/results can be delivered to their problems and pain points.

Create an added value, not a function

Conclusion on the app conception

In order to pursue the results-oriented approach, the App design be result-oriented. Traditionally, design is focused on functionality. This can seem very standardized and impersonal. Ideally, app designers focus on how users get the results they want from your app. The user journey is key. This involves a highly customized approach, where the design team tunes into the user's needs to provide them with a great UX.

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The app concept of outcome-based innovation is closely associated with the as-jobs-to-be-done scheme. This set of approaches and frameworks is widely adopted as an effective way to identify and define user needs.