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Get app developed by professionals

Almost everyone owns at least one smartphone, e.g., an iPhone for personal use and an Android phone for professional purposes. The market shares and revenues of the big players in the app landscape such as Google and Apple are growing, which is due to the revenues generated by the apps they market in their respective app stores, Google Play and App Store. Not only are these big players making money, but also the app teams that are working within the native iOS App Development or the native Android App Development App developers have long since found solutions on how to make money with an app. Smartphone users tend to download free and paid mobile apps for their mobile device. These serve as an important source of revenue for the app team.

Frontend Development

Even if the tools for the App development are accessible to everyone, developing a mobile application that will be used on smartphones or tablets can be quite challenging. For this reason, most reputable app companies have a good CTO, to make sure they can offer the latest app technology. They have a good App idea and are thinking about building or having a mobile app developed, e.g. a web app / progressive web app (PWA), a native app on iOS or Android, or a Hybrid app? Do you need help before or during the app development process? In the following sections, we will address basic questions that should be asked when it comes to developing a mobile app or having it developed. There are even rare scenarios where free app development is offered by providing user testing for free.

Which kind of mobile application to develop?

A App development certainly requires a good understanding of the various app technologies that are out there. In addition, it can be difficult to find, understand, and manipulate appropriate tools to App development in a DIY way, and certainly API development can be tricky. That's not to say that DIY app development is impossible. You have to be willing to show perseverance - learning app programming is often a story of trial and error, especially when more challenging tasks like API development are at hand. The app development journey for beginners is not a ride with a smoothly turning engine, unless you are a genius developer. 

Frontend and backend meaning

There are freelance app development or App development agencieswhich self-made aka self-taught app developers can count on in the worst case scenario. However, you won't find any app development agency that develops apps for free. Free app development is only available in self-made, not at the Outsourcing. So, knowing that mobile app development is a simpler but paid solution, we wonder what are the different types of mobile apps that can be developed DIY or by a dedicated team. Here comes a brief list of the different types of apps:

Native Apps

Native apps are developed specifically for the operating systems iOS and Android developed. Which languages should be used for native mobile app development? Swift or Objective-C for iOS, Java or Kotlin for Android. Xcode is to Apple what Android Studio is to Android. Both Xcode and Android Studio function as iOS-specific integrated development environments.

Native applications are usually very reliable, have an extensive range of functions, and tend to offer the best user experience (UX) and the highest security standards.

Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive web app development (PWA) is on average less expensive than native app development. In addition, progressive web apps are on average faster than native apps. Many mobile apps are based on AngularJS, an open-source toolset for building an Frontend-frameworks. You will not find a free progressive web app development. Web app or progressive web app developers are not easy to find. Robust and strong Progressive Web Apps are built on the appropriate language and its associated integrated development environment (IDE), Django, a Python-based web framework. Most PWAs are coded in Javascript, HTML5, and CSS.

Icon designer

Some App developers see the biggest advantage of PWAs in the fact that they run on all operating systems and thus only one app version needs to be created for all platforms and devices. The app is rendered via URL directly in the mobile browser. No app store downloads are required. The cross-platform and cross-device functionality is a big plus when deciding what type of app to develop or have developed.

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid application at zero cost is an unfulfilled dream of many app teams looking for suitable developers. The development of a hybrid app is based on React Native, the most popular mobile app framework from appleute, and Ionic or Cordova. The hybrid app development is done using React Native, Ionic or Cordova. These frameworks work across operating systems / platforms: iOS, Android, mobile, web. A single programming language is used and device compatibility is ensured. The hybrid app can be added to the homescreen, clickable by an icon. The hybrid app development is faster than native app development, but the feature set is more limited.

More than 90 % of the apps can be downloaded from either Google Play or the App Store. Most of the apps offered are still native, as they are superior to other app types in terms of key performance indicators. Native Apps are not referenced by search engines like Google in their SERPs. This prevents customer acquisition at the browser level. In contrast, PWAs are referenced by search engines and can be easily installed on any mobile device. In summary, the best of both the native app and PWA worlds: performance, functionality, security, reliability, Google referencing, browser compatibility, cross-device usability.

Who can take over app development?

A App development is not something you just pull out of your sleeve. To whom do you entrust your app project? Either yourself (assuming you have the time, motivation and skills) or a specialized App development agencyeither a native app development or a PWA Development Agency, which handles technical app engineering at a high level.

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Having an app developed by a specialized app agency means being able to draw on years of experience and knowledge. Of course the app development costs money. Unfortunately you can App development costs not standardize. It starts with several thousands of euros for a simple app and can quickly reach a mid or high five-figure range, or even a seven-figure range. App development at zero cost remains, i.e. having an app developed at zero cost remains a dream. However, there are alternative solutions for financing an app development team, e.g. Tech for Equity. Development costs and maintenance costs should be included in any budget calculation when developing an app. Once funding is clarified, anyone planning to develop an App idea has, make sure that the app development service provider is a good fit. They may offer free testing as part of their offering for the App development on, which is not a bad thing at all, as user experience (UX) is key to your mobile app. Mobile and automated testing should be done to check performance across platforms and devices.

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