How to protect my App Idea?

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How to protect my idea for an app with a confidentiality agreement or an NDA

There is a very simple, secure and straightforward method to protect your idea for an app. All app development agencies will recommend that you sign a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement – famously known under its abbreviation NDA – with the people you share your idea with. An NDA better be signed to make sure you are well protected against people or companies stealing and capitalizing on – what has been – your idea for an app.

What should a confidentiality agreement / an NDA for an app idea include? As with most agreements and other legal contracts, it should cover the following points:

1) Parties involved in the agreement / NDA and legal information about them:

Name and surname of the person or, for companies, the company name and the name and surname of its representative. The representative has to be an employee or any other person that is legally entitled to represent the company in a contract. Some contracts require the parties to attach a scan of the representative’s identity cards in order to make the representatives involved clearly identifiable. Some NDAs stipulate that only a clearly defined subset of employees can access the information disclosed. However, this is rare. Also, some contracts require the CEOs of the companies to sign the agreement.

Most often, a NDA contract is between two parties. In some scenarios, an NDA can involve more parties.

2) The conditions of the agreement

It has to be specified 

(1) what the parties involved agree to

(2) what is meant by „confidential information“

(3) the rights and obligations of each party.

We often experience that companies, in particular freelancers, tend to be reluctant or unwilling to sign a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement on something very generic. This is due to the fact that especially small companies, startups or SMEs as well as self-employed freelancers often lack a legal team to back them up. A good NDA is one that has got all the details and covers all the if questions.

3) The purpose or goal of the agreement

Any agreement has got a purpose. In the context of sharing an app idea or intellectual property linked to an app, an explanation is to be given such that the NDA is on the exchange of information on the development of a mobile application / web application / hybrid application.

4) Dispute resolution set in the agreement

The conditions for arbitration in the event of a dispute should be clearly defined. This is essential for scenarios in which the parties of the agreement reside in different countries.

5) Making edits to or cancelling the agreement

An NDA can offer the option to opt out, edit or cancel given the consent of all parties involved.

6) Signature with date and place, signature and place

Any agreement needs a signature. Also, the date and place of the signee have to be added. Sharing intellectual property is important when planning to make a collaborative effort. The latter is more than needed in the process of developing an app. Mostly, synergy effects outclass an individual working on their own to develop an app. appleute translates to app people, which is indicative of the fact that creating and launching an app requires more than just one person. To facilitate and promote collaboration, we offer an NDA for our clients. To get access to the appleute NDA (pdf), click here.

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