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iPad Agency Munich - we create your iPad Apps

appleute offers custom app development for iPad and tablet applications, making it a company you can rely on for iPad and tablet app development.

iPad Agency Munich - we create your iPad Apps

iPad Agency Munich

The only thing better than a mobile app is a custom iPad. A little-known fact is that Apple started working on the iPad even before the iPhone. 


With their larger screen size, iPads offer countless more possibilities for creative and customer-friendly applications. All too often, people think of an iPad as an iPhone when they think about a design that only has a larger screen. However, that's not right. 

The iPad's large screen allows for much more innovation. You won't be able to take full advantage of it if you simply treat it like a larger smartphone. The team at iPad agency appleute, made up of designers and app developers, can help you take full advantage of this larger space with powerful features and functionality - built specifically for tablets. 


From customer-facing forms to fully interactive learning tools, the iPad offers the ability to connect with your users like no other medium. Read on to learn how iPads and tablet apps have become a new trend and how appleute's services can help you. 

Tablet and iPad apps - a new trend

Tablets and iPads are the ideal devices to digitize your customer registration. Instead of filling out customer information on paper, a digital form can be used to quickly capture, validate, and submit the information to your customer management tool. 


So there's no wasted paper and no illegible handwriting. Just a sleek-looking iPad app with information about your company or event branding sent directly to your client relationship management (CRM) tool. 


iPads can serve as a standard eBook reader. It also provides a unique platform for a growing number of book apps that push the boundaries of digital publishing.

iPad Agency Germany

Bottom line, there's no better way to engage users than with an interactive iPad or tablet app for the classroom. Educators can create realistic virtual testing environments for students to understand complex concepts. 


Architects, contractors and builders can present fully interactive 3D designs of new construction projects. Event planners and interior designers can plan, design and present finished rooms and venues without leaving their office.

Why should you develop natively for iPads and tablets?

Unlike mobile apps, iPad and tablet apps can be installed directly on the device without being available in the app store. 


So if you're like many other companies that don't want their iPad or tablet apps to be downloadable by anyone from the App Store, you can bypass this process by installing the app directly on your iPad or tablet.

appleute iPad agency - our services

iPad consulting

appleute's expert iPad consultants provide app development consulting services regarding building, debugging and deploying your iPad app.

iPad UX & UI Design

Combining creativity and understanding, our design team is focused on developing iPad apps specialized, which are highly interactive.

iPad backend

The choice of the best iPad app backend can be a challenge. But our experts develop an iPad backend that acts as a central database and provides you with data.

iPad Games

We have been working on iPad gaming apps for quite some time. Our app developers and designers have mastered the art of designing and developing games that appeal to your target audience. 

Why appleute iPad Agency?

Fast time to market

App development with appleute will allow you to get your product or service to market much faster. This, in turn, will help you stay ahead of the competition.


Get fit resources, perfect quality and testing strategy and project management guidance from appleute App Development Team. Our development team uses efficient methodologies and agile project management to get to market as quickly as possible.

High cybersecurity standards

We develop secure apps so that we protect your data from any data scraping or hacking.

All-in-one agency

We also develop web and mobile apps!


Do you also need a web or mobile app to showcase your business and give your prospects easy access to your products?


We have the best app developers who can create an innovative and modern app for your business with optimal functionalities. Also, we can create you a web app that works in sync with your mobile app.

Customer-oriented support

We have a team that communicates with you and always has an open ear for queries and answers them. This is the only way we can develop understandable and successful apps.

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appleute offers more than iPad apps


appleute has beside iPad apps still much more to offer. Share your app concept with us and we'll help you turn it into an app. Our team of experts will turn your idea into an app that meets the needs of your customers and your business goals. 


Do you have an app idea in mind? Share your idea and get your app developed with appleute.