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Create the perfect practice website with matching doctor logo

Practice marketing

Good practice marketing usually includes a suitable practice website including a matching doctor's logo. Online practice marketing is becoming increasingly important these days - especially in metropolitan areas, where patients no longer primarily find their way to the right doctor or doctor's practice by word of mouth.

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Here's how to approach marketing your medical practice the right way

Whether you are a general practitioner, dentist, ENT specialist, gynecologist, oncologist or otherwise specialized as a physician, the following applies: In order to reach the younger generation in particular, your practice should ideally be found online via your own practice website.

Furthermore, by choosing the appropriate doctor logo, you have the chance to make a statement about the identity of your practice. Specifically, your header, which is the first visible section of your home page that includes your doctor logo, is of special importance. The header is what is first noticed by visitors to your practice website and creates the famous first impression - pictures speak louder than words.

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So you as a doctor ask yourself the question: How do I operate successful practice marketing? How do I create a perfect practice website? And how do I create a suitable physician logo?

In the following, the content structure of a perfect practice website is described in its elements. These elements are discussed.

The home page of your practice website

The home page is the page of your medical practice website that your visitors will see first when they open your medical home page. The goal of the home page is to welcome your visitors and ideally present all relevant information about your medical practice. The homepage of your medical practice website should be designed in such a way that information is as clearly structured and intuitively accessible as possible. In our opinion, the home page of any medical practice website should be structured as follows - from top to bottom:

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Section 1 - Header

The navigation bar including matching doctor logo to your practice website

In the header, the top part of your practice website, the navigation bar is located at the very top of the website. The navigation bar gives your visitors an overview of the structure of your website and allows them to switch between the different pages of your website with one click. The navigation bar should definitely include your doctor logo in the top left corner. Because of its importance, I devote an extra point below (xyz) to creating a suitable doctor logo.

We recommend that your practice website navigation bar include the following categories:

  • Practice team - linked to Practice team section on home page
  • Office hours - linked to section Office hours on home page
  • Range of services - not part of home page, linked to target page Range of services (see xyz)
  • Contact - not part of the home page, linked to target page Contact (see xyz).
  • Practice premises - optional; linked to section Practice premises on home page.
  • The Hero image as part of the header of your practice website


The header also contains the so-called Hero Image, a banner image that is a key element for your practice marketing: this is where your visitors get their first picture of your practice, word for word. The Hero Image, paired with an appropriate slogan for the image, often decides whether or not visitors stay on your practice website. What we advise at appleute: Don't pretend when choosing your Hero Image. The Hero Image should reveal something about you, the doctor, your team and your competencies. Whether you run a modern or a traditional medical practice: The Hero Image should create trust between people, i.e. you or your team and your visitors. In the medical practice websites that we at appleute have implemented so far, the choice of images was always left to the practice team after consultation with our designers - be it a team photo, the doctor in action, etc. You know yourself best! A significant percentage of people visit your site to view your contact information. What better way than to respond to this search immediately! We recommend that you communicate your phone number as well as your practice address in the header.

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Section 2 - Presentation of the practice team

Using a photo on your practice website

The presentation of the practice team on the homepage is essential - after all, it shows that people take care of people here. When it comes to choosing a suitable practice team photo, there is also no ONE solution - the photos have to be authentic! The majority of medical practice websites we create at appleute include team photos taken by a professional photographer. This is money well spent. We also recommend continuing the introduction of the practice team on an additional landing page. In concrete terms, this means that your practice team members should be introduced individually in the team section landing page. If the first name, last name, position, history in the practice (e.g. in the team since 2012) are mentioned, immediate trust is more easily established with the patient. On the practice team landing page, special attention should be given to the doctors, i.e. the bosses. Ideally, another landing page should be dedicated to each doctor, containing the doctor's biography.

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Section 3 - List of office hours

Using a weekly overview on your practice website

Office hours give your (potential) patients clarity about your availability. This time information is essential. We recommend displaying the office hours in tabular form on your practice website.

Due to the clarity and one-dimensionality of the office hours information, it is perfectly fine to place it exclusively on the home page. An additional landing page for office hours information on your practice website is of course possible, but in our opinion by no means necessary.

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Section 4 - Practice premises

Using images displayed on your practice website

If the header and practice team photo have not yet convinced your visitors of your Internet presence, pictures of the practice premises provide further insight into what they can expect from your practice. Here, too, I advise you to have the photos taken by a professional.

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Section 5 - Practice website footer

The footer of your practice website corresponds to the section at the very bottom of your practice website. You can reach the footer by scrolling all the way down on your home page. A good medical practice website includes the following items in the footer:

On the far left of the footer, your doctor logo should appear. In the middle, i.e. to the right of the doctor's logo, the contact details of your practice should be documented (street and house number, zip code and city, telephone number, e-mail address). On the far right, you should link to your privacy policy and imprint.


The privacy policy and imprint of your practice website.

The privacy policy and the imprint have always been mandatory information for every practice website. As a physician, you must also provide the corresponding information on your practice website. What goes into the privacy policy? What goes in the imprint? The German Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians provides clear instructions, what belongs in the privacy policy and in the imprint.

Reading the legal information may give you a stomach ache. Don't worry, these bellyaches will be gone very quickly by seeking legal advice or by simply relying on appleute. We realize your medical practice website project holistically, i.e. we create the texts for your imprint and privacy policy, if desired.

Now we have talked in detail about the design of the home page. If we move away from it and look at what other landing pages your practice website should include, we come across the landing pages Range of Services as well as Contact, both of which are also linked in the navigation bar. 


What information belongs on the target page Range of services?

The range of services describes the services you offer in your practice. It includes, for example, treatment and diagnostic methods. It is best to list the services you offer in your medical practice on your practice website in tabular or bullet-point form. The arrangement of the services is completely up to you, as it is of course directly dependent on your discipline (or specialty) and expertise. An arrangement of services often chosen by our customers is from "most frequently provided" to "least frequently provided". If you serve niches that set you apart from other medical practices or colleagues, these can also be mentioned right at the beginning, for example.


What information belongs on the Contact landing page?

The contact page of your practice website should show the address, email address, phone number, fax number, as well as the practice name and specialist designation. Furthermore, it makes sense - especially for large city practices - to integrate a Google Maps link (or another web mapping service) on the contact page. This way your patients can find their way to you directly via Google Maps. We recommend, if possible, to include a photo of the Outdoor building of your practice. It is essential to point out any accessibility restrictions.

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Create suitable logo for practice website

The appropriate logo is too often underestimated in connection with the medical homepage. Because this is the flagship of any company and the first visual element with which the customer or potential customer comes into contact. 

A poor or outdated design can be off-putting - so make sure your practice's logo represents you and how you work. 

Here are some tips for logo creation: 

  1. Consult professionals - there are web designers, of course at appleute, who specialize in creating meaningful logos. Save yourself time and get some suggestions.
  2. Use simple color combinations - the nuts and bolts of the practice logo are the colors. Wild color combinations convey a scattered approach to work, while classic combinations inspire confidence. 
  3. Create personal but professional logo - again, it is important that the designs convey quality and professionalism. Therefore, refrain from using clipart or schematic representations of stethoscopes. Studies have proven that simple lettering builds the most trust with customers.


So in theory, you now know what a practice website should look like for optimal practice marketing. Do you now want to have your own practice website? Then you are at the right place with appleute and its partners.

Do you need a website for your practice?

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