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Top trained developers from India make the difference for your app project

Mobile App Development Services from India

At appleute, we spend a lot of our time on the hiring process of our developers and designers. For each position, we send 90+ candidates to live coding sessions before a potential hire is made.

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Indian App Development Services

Good app ideas are hard to come by. A good App idea from head to paper is a tricky task. Coming up with an idea for an app is the biggest challenge. App development is more complex than just typing a few lines of code. Native app development requires experienced iOS app developers or Android app developers. Progressive Web App Development can be done only by experienced web app developers. Hybrid apps that combine elements of both native apps and web apps require experienced developers to function flawlessly. API development, which is often required when creating a mobile app to connect software systems, is a task for experienced API developers. App development can be done by yourself (DIY mobile app development) or outsourced.

A App to develop or to let develop, is bumpier than developing a simple WordPress website, where responsiveness across devices is one of the biggest hurdles.

Take Web apps, e.g. dynamic web apps, portal web apps or e-commerce apps as an example. They must be built to the highest security standards. Imagine a banking app or a government web portal having security vulnerabilities. Reliable software systems need to be built by reliable people who have mastered the art of feeding smartphones and iPhones with cutting-edge apps that work across devices.

Where can you find affordable, reliable quality app developers?

The IT industry has benefited from processes such as globalization and digitization. The modern IT era is characterized by designers and developers from countries such as Ukraine, Bangladesh, the Philippines and India. The IT workforce in the aforementioned countries can have tremendous skills and work ethic while being cheaper than comparable IT workers from Western countries. Not only web app development companies in India are experiencing more and more demand, but also progressive web app development companies.

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India is leading the race when it comes to offering high-end IT solutions and mobile app development services. The country with a population of 1.366 billion (2019) has become the poster child for Western European countries and the USA in particular for IT Outsourcing become. Mobile app development services from India are destined to add value to companies looking for outsourcing.

How come Indian programmers are in such high demand and tend to outperform programmers in software and app development services from other countries?

  • The fact is that the average cost of living in India is much lower than in other countries, which makes world-class app developers affordable - the cost of app development is still relatively low;
  • The Indian government has made great efforts to make India the world's leading software and app development powerhouse;
  • India's IT education system is second to none, talented software and app developers are identified early and the best get admission to study at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT);
  • India's competitive IT landscape fosters individual and collective success stories;
  • Almost all Indian app developers are fluent in English, which facilitates communication across borders;
  • Indian app developers are hard working, reliable and very innovative when placed in a challenging environment like a promising startup or a growing SME;
  • Software developers from India are quite independent and resilient;

What are the disadvantages of outsourcing work to Indian app developers?

The time difference can be an issue (about 10 hours for American companies outsourcing to India). The time difference between India and Germany is between 3h30 and 4h30mins. This is the time difference that appleute work with every day without any problems.

Very good developers from India Will constantly receive offers from other companies - be prepared to compete and hand out enticing employee benefits such as "Tech for Equity". Such perks in the form of fringe benefits can give a startup or SME looking for app development work the edge.

India is an Asian IT powerhouse with growing cities and a thriving IT economy, even in times of Corona, the global pandemic that continues to threaten health and the economy in 2021 and likely beyond.
Startups and SMEs can grow at an exceptional rate if they outsource app development to India.

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Both American and European Startups and SMEs however, need to be aware of a new trend: many new Indian IT companies are emerging that are focused on providing the Indian market with mobile applications rather than Outsourcing-to fulfill orders from overseas.

Indo-German app development companies

appleute is an app development company founded by Hanush from Bengaluru in India and Marc from Munich in Germany was founded. The team consists of German app product engineers and project managers as well as Indian app designers and app developers. Since part of the company is managed directly from India, appleute manages to attract high caliber software developers from the Indian Institute of Technology To win. This enables appleute to offer affordable world-class mobile app development services from India. With appleute, you can be sure to benefit from world-class performance for native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.

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