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Professional API Development

API Development

We are an API development agency that builds sophisticated apps and websites implementing owned and third-party APIs. We offer custom web development of frontend and backend using APIs.

API Programming

API Development Munich

appleute's offering for you:

Public API

Open APIs

Public APIs, external APIs or Open APIs, are available to users featuring a minimum of restrictions. They generally require registration, a generated API key or can simply be accessed publicly.

Internal API

Internal APIs

Internal APIs are destined to be hidden from the users. Often these internal APIs are used within companies to share resources. They allow different employees the consumption of each other's tools and data.

Partner APIs

Partner APIs

Partner APIs or Shared APIs are actually a subform of an Open API. The only difference between them lies within the restricted access to few users instead of making it publicly available.

Composite APIs

Composite APIs

Composite APIs enable data access at multiple endpoints using a single API call. Composite APIs are particularly important for microservice architectures in app development.

appleute References

Since it is very difficult to show an API, which is usually a connection between two systems, we show you all the references of our app development.

If you are interested in learning more about our API development, get in touch!

Process of API Development

Simple, interactive and short lines of communication.

First step of app development process

Ideation API

In generally It can be helpful to have a testing environment (so-called: sandbox) to test what your API should look like. With a sandbox, we can play and illustrate your API, which will also allow us to quickly test and share different ways to set up an API.

Second step of app development process

API contract

Contracts are a necessary part of every collaboration. We implement the contract in order to define the technical and syntactic definition of the future API. The API contract provides a definition of methods and resources applied. It is the cornerstone of our work and will simplify work at a later stage.

Third step in app development process

API Sampling

A common mistake is to start the implementation straight away. Too often developers forget to take a sample before the development. Sampling helps you to map out the whole process, and ensures that no pieces of information are forgotten or left behind.

Fourth step of app development process

API Development

In close coordination with you, the set out development phase will begin, providing you with a hands-on approach with very short feedback loops. We are creating milestones, that help you understand the development process and gives you an idea of the timeline. Once milestones are agreed upon, we stick to them and deliver.

Fifth step of app development process

API Testing

The most important step in API development is the testing. Too often people forget that APIs have to be tested, after the code has been written. We are writing automated tests, have a dedicated quality assurance team, and do exploratory and manual testing of our software components and APIs.

We are very excited to hear about your project!​

Together we plan, structure and execute your project!

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API development in Java

Interconnective, straight-forward and practicable API development.

The past years have shown a rising demand for dynamic web and mobile services. With established companies wanting to use these services while having some old systems still in place, the demand for API development has been increasing as well. What started off as an additional service to existing clients, has turned into one of our major fields of expertise. Since 2017, appleute provides API development services for young start-ups and established companies. 

In general, all online-based services can be connected in one way or another, but most of our APIs are RESTful, based on the rest frameworks Tastypie or Django. SOAP APIs are a new and emerging field that appleute has recently added to its portfolio. However, regardless of the frameworks and protocols implemented, we provide well-documented code that ensures smooth performance of web and mobile connections. 

API Development

appleute builds robust APIs with an established versioning system that allows different applications documented in Swagger to function in parallel. Get in touch to learn more about appleute or our Portfolio to learn.

What is an API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface (API). An API consists of a set of commands that provide access to a web-based application or software. It serves as a client between two software components and provides a Programming Interfaces for interaction. 

When we’re talking about APIs nowadays, generally they represent a method by which companies give access to third-party software vendors to check data or code in a defined and standard manner. 

With this provided access, those third-party providers can see the code, but won’t allow making changes to the existing codebase.

Programming Interfaces
Interfaces programming

Why use APIs and what are they good for?

APIs are versatile, allow real-time synchronization of data, and can handle large amounts of data. For this reason, software development companies, software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, and any company that has any kind of online system are strong proponents of API structures.

APIs are now a necessary tool for companies that want to integrate external software. APIs offer great technological opportunities, making it clear that APIs have come to stay and will gain interest in the coming years.