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API Developer

What are the tasks of an API developer? Why is this job so important? The appleute provide insight into the activities, background and tasks of an API developer.

API Developer

What does an API developer do?

The task of an API developer is to develop or implement APIs. API means Application Programming Interface (API) and is thus, so to speak, a Programming Interfaces. An API developer thus supports companies in developing meaningful such interfaces for their needs. A very good API developer usually has well-developed abstraction and problem-solving skills.

API programmers work on a project-specific basis on an API management tool, so that different systems (e.g. softwares), which do not (yet) have a communication bridge, can communicate with each other.

Why are API developers so important?

They develop APIs and use them to implement interfaces that

  • provide websites with essential functionalities;
  • form the basis of web applications;
  • mobile apps (native, hybrid, PWA) to make it work;
  • connect physical devices with each other.

What are the responsibilities of an API developer?

Developers working on APIs mostly take care of both the development of the interfaces and their maintenance or updates. a need to be hosted and maintained like other systems, which is why API agencies often offer API hosting and API maintenance as a package.

Experience shows that a good API developer will successfully take on the following tasks:

Which programming languages should an API developer know?

A API can be developed in very many programming languages. Therefore, it is by no means possible to make a blanket statement about which programming languages should be used in an API project. API design is individual and there is an optimal solution for every problem that requires the development of application interfaces.

Efficient API development

Basically, it can be said that programmers who have mastered the use of programming interfaces can (or even should) often make their lives justifiably easy with the help of their experience. Also in the context of the App development solutions do not have to be generated anew each time ("the wheel does not have to be reinvented"): APIs often enable an increase in efficiency and a time saving compared to customized coding solutions. Professional skills in API design are therefore mainly those where an API developer economically applies already existing logic or components. In today's programming world, there is hardly a problem that has not already been solved or at least understood by another entity. Whether in Function as a Service (FaaS), Software Development Kits (SDK), if you want to have an app developed as well as in other projects, you will most likely need one or more APIs, to establish the interaction between systems.

Three examples of platforms whose use can be optimised by an API developer

API developers are unbeatable when you automate processes within your company or project or make them more efficient. That's why many startups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) nowadays primarily maintain interfaces with large platforms such as:

  • Slack: The central communication platform for teams. The latter often request the integration of new tools in Slack. A good API developer is happy to meet and perform their request.
  • Watson: IBM's AI chatbot. Various APIs can be implemented so that the bot learns (even) better.
  • Google Drive: Using the API REST Google, for example, automated reports can be generated very easily. There are now an increasing number of integrations with the Android operating system that can make the development of complete Android apps superfluous.

Conclusion: API developers with a leading role in the enterprise of the future

So, in summary, API developers are taking on an increasingly important role in growing businesses: They implement API solutionsthat automate internal as well as external processes and make them more efficient. In view of the great need for centralization, especially among young companies ("we want all tools and all systems to be interconnected"), there is no way around dealing with API projects and relying on API solutions. Agencies for API development like appleute are at your disposal for advice as well as Implementation of API management solutions to the side.

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