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App Developer Team from Berlin

Berlin app development team

If you are an SME that wants to create an app appleute bundles Indian technology experience with German project management. Benefit from competent support optimized by many years of experience. appleute develop your project!

Berlin App Developer

App Developer Berlin

Perfect positioning on the online market with the programming team of appleute

Web, native or hybrid: To create new Application ideas and make it stable, you need a competent partner who can bring the project to its goal for you in Berlin. Only with a substantial implementation can your platform become successful. Because if the app is programmed unclearly, your users will migrate.

Berlin App Developer Agency

appleute app agency will handle the entire app development process of your App idea includes. We also support you with the Protect your app Idea. From the free initial consultation, about the concept creation, as well as maintenance and care of the app. Our app developer from Berlin takes over the Programming your app.

Careful, fast and straightforward - appleute's app developer in Berlin

Already got an app idea going? Already created a concept? Then talk to the Team appleute. Convince yourself in a preliminary talk of our App developers and API developers. We are available in Berlin by phone, e-mail or via the contact form. 

What references do the Berlin app developers have?

No matter how novel your Idea  It is important that your users recognize the added value of your application. Working out this added value is essential - appleute will be happy to support you in this. Our team of app developers and project managers will take you by the hand and show you which factors are important and where compromises can be made. We are happy to advise you with our high-tech know-how.

The appleute process as an app developer agency for Berlin

Essential for good cooperation in the App development, is that you know each other very well as business partners. Smaller issues in particular can be answered if the customer has a good understanding, and so you can focus on the really important questions regarding the app: Where is the added value? How do we earn money with the app?  

Based on the initial discussions and the results of our workshops, we create a concept for your App idea. This usually starts with the first rough drafts in so-called wireframes, through the definition of these designs including customer feedback, to a confirmed final design. This design is optimized for UX and UI and should thus bind users to the platform and generate maximum comprehensibility for the customer. Basically, the better the UX/UI, the better the revenue generated.

As soon as the design has been finally confirmed, our team gets to work on the Development of your app. We work in so-called sprints - these are 2-week project phases with clear deliverables. This means that during the development period there is basically something new for our customers to look at or test every 2 weeks. Of course, there are some tasks, such as backend structure work, that are not immediately visible. But we will make sure to communicate all these items with you early.

After we have tested through your app and made any bugs and improvements, your app goes live. Basically all stores charge fees to list an app. However, these costs are generally low, do not exceed 500€/year and are disproportionate to the App development costs. A final check of copyright, privacy and optimized screen resolution is verified and off we go on the wild ride.  

Your app is now live in the app stores. First users sign up and you get the first good feedback inputs. This is where appleute are on the spot again - because we analyze the feedback and implement appropriate improvements to the platform. Furthermore, we take care of the smooth operation of your software on the various operating systems -. Android and iOS.

Why the Berlin
App developer of the appleute?



While we look back on a short Company history yet our team has accumulated 20+ years of project management experience. The internal collaboration has resulted in a great project process- See for yourself!



Hybrid app developments are our specialty. Because these developments are targeted and also friendly to your wallet. We offer great performance while running your app on a single code base.

Project Management

Project management

Our experience is reflected in the project processes. Instead of long communication channels, we prefer directness and openness, because this is the only way to reach our goal as quickly as possible. Get to know us and our process.


Quality assurance

All features and functions go through an extensive testing process before they are launched. This allows us to make a maximum of bugs and improvements. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that an edge case was not covered.

Full Service Agency


We take care of conception, design and Programming your app. We will also be happy to make you an offer for maintenance, further development and care. Because we prefer to develop our own apps because, after all, we know them best.

Contact Person


At the beginning we define the key data of your project in a few workshops. Ideally, we do these workshops in person - as long as Corona or other events allow it. Here you will learn your permanent Contact who will supervise you for the entirety of the project.

Tell us about your app idea in Berlin

As soon as the project has been completed, we would like to invite you for a currywurst at Konnopke's Imbiss.

Marc Mueller appleute