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ERP software development agency - custom or API interfaces

ERP Software Development

Are you looking for ERP software, but none of the solutions available on the market fits your company? Then it probably means to have your own solution developed. Companies may need software that is tailored to their requirements appleute will be happy to assist you in the development and connection to existing systems for logistics, customer management and accounting. 

ERP software

Our ERP software services

This is what appleute offers you in ERP software development

appleute develops flexible, cost-effective and user-friendly ERP systems. If you want to make your company fit for the future and complete a successful change management, then discuss your ERP project with us. With an ERP you may soon redefine the success of your company.

App conception

We design your ERP system to simplify and automate business processes! Your employees can access information provided by the ERP system transparently. We define ERP success with a cost-benefit calculation with the goal of reducing process costs and increasing process efficiency!

Care and app maintenance

We support you in the sustainable operation of your ERP system and in the implementation of a promising change management. Our activities include training and support of ERP users as well as any technologically relevant adjustments to optimize performance, such as improving uptime / response time and reducing downtime. We perform ERP upgrades and updates and create an intuitive user interface for maintaining data through great ERP UI and UX Designer.

web app devices

appleute ERP Developers install the ERP software you want and push it live! We are used to working under time pressure and preparing and migrating large amounts of legacy data into your new ERP system. Our team of ERP experts has years of experience in managing data and configuring and installing ERPs.

Our software development references

We have already developed and designed that:

What is the added value of ERP software?

ERP software development tailored to the use case

The added value of an ERP system is demonstrated by the fact that a company can act more effectively and efficiently. This happens through the qualitative as well as quantifiable optimization of business processes. Company successes that can be traced back to the introduction and use of ERP system can therefore be measured "in money". The definition of ERP system by no means promises monetary success, but it describes a tool that increases the probability of success there.

Do you have questions about the definition of ERP and the application of an ERP system for your company? Let appleute advise you on the subject of ERP systems. As ERP Developer we accompany your company in the change management and we design, install, maintain and service your ERP system.

ERP Software Development

Do you need ERP software?

Our experts will be happy to advise you

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What is an ERP anyway?

Definition ERP and ERP software

ERP systems

Enterprise resource planning systems, or ERP systems for short, are by definition business application solutions. They map the following business activities: Accounting, sales, management of services, logistics, quality control, human resources, production.

By means of a central database, ERP systems developed by appleute store the master data relevant for business processes. This includes information on clients and suppliers as well as materials and terms of use.

Have ERP software developed
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

ERP software

The ERP software we have developed connects and integrates business processes and business areas with each other and with each other, so that communication can take place between the different modules of a company. Thus, an order executed by the customer is directly posted to the accounts of the service department. With the help of an ERP system, the movement of value transactions is thus logged and documented in terms of quantity as well as financially.

ERP software serves as the foundation of a company's IT infrastructure. ERP systems enable companies to operate and document standardized, large-volume business processes. Internally, the ERP system fits into the IT architecture of other business applications: e-commerce systems, reporting apps, business analytics, customer relationship management (CRM).

For businesses of all sizes, SMEs, Startups and large companies, functioning ERP systems are an essential part of the IT infrastructure. They create added value for companies. Perhaps also for your company?