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Project - ACT in EIT Food

Act in EIT-Food

Challenge of ACT in EIT Food

ACT in EIT Food is a project of EIT Food - Europe's leading food innovation initiative. EIT Food aims to revolutionize the international food system and make it more sustainable and healthier. The project is supported by the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. 

EIT Food has a very mature corporate identity with very precise detailed requirements. The biggest challenge in the project implementation was the compliance with the corporate identity specifications and the implementation of the customer requirements for the project site. 


Healthy Food Website
Fresh Food Website

Project solution for EIT Food

The project implementation took place on the existing content management system (CMS) Expression Engine. Expression Engine is a CMS that is used for complicated and extensive website structures, as it allows a lot of customization and can also be used by laymen if programmed correctly. 

The project was characterized by constant communication between EIT Food and appleute. Permanent feedback meetings ensured that all design specifications were met and customer requirements were fulfilled. 

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