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Data Converter from ascii to csv formats

App Showcase of our React Native project i.e. link between ERP system and webshop.

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Low complexity and an easy-to-access user interface make for a fantastic user experience.

Data Converter
Lean Project Management

Lean development

Core functions: Upload, Convert, Download. This makes it a sleek app embedded in an intuitive design.

App Showcase
App design
Optimized for all devices

Efficient development

The script is structured in such a way that the computing power is optimally utilized.

Conversion to Babysteps

Three steps to success: After uploading the file, the converter runs the conversion code in the background. Once the calculations are completed in the background, the converted file is ready for download.

appleute development
appleute App Showcase
app feedback

Warranty - maintenance after delivery

Hosting and updates on AWS will be provided.

ascii to csv file converter

Instant upload and download

The conversion process is almost instantaneous.

App Showcase

Challenges of the customer

It happens that some software like ERP systems work with outdated or rarely used file formats. Customers using this software often need to convert these files in order to use them in different scenarios.

In this case, our customer uses an ERP system that stores the list of products (and specifications) he sells in ASCII format. He wanted to have the ascii files converted to csv files. Because only with csv files they could upload the products to a webshop that was still to be developed.

Since there was no ascii to csv converter on the market and a web store was missing, they asked us to develop both the ascii to csv converter and the web store for them.

The solution of the appleute

After understanding the logic of conversion, appleute programmers wrote the script for ASCII to CSV conversion. Our designers created a catchy interface that makes file conversion more than seamless with just a few clicks. The file converter was designed, tested and successfully developed within two weeks.

Our customers count on us