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App to support local Colombian communities

App showcase of our React Native project for a social project in Colombia.

appleute App Showcase
React Native Development

React Native

The Craft App or Fashion App was built on the React Native framework.

Craftman App

Intuitive & inclusive user interface

The majority of users are illiterate. The operation of the app is purely graphic-illustrative and was thus made possible even for those who can not read and write.

App Showcase
App design
Optimized for all devices

Responsive design

The Craft app is compatible with all major devices.

Fashion App
Fast development

Development in milestones

According to the project sprint plan, the implementation of the social app followed the defined project milestones.

appleute development
appleute App Showcase
proof of concept

Positive impact

The Craft App presents the exceptional skills and products of local producers with the demand of international consumers. This has a positive economic and cultural impact.

Social App Project
app development


We continue to support and advise the social project in Colombia. This great, sustainable initiative deserves the technical know-how of appleute.

App Showcase

We are looking forward to the next React Native project

Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation regarding the right technology choice. Flutter, React or even Native.

Marc Mueller appleute

Challenges of the customer

The people in La Guajira in Colombia are incredibly good at hand textile processing. This skill was "unfortunately" only known locally, which limited the sales market. Although there was also a web store, it was not suitable for the individual requirements and peculiarities. For example, offline use was not possible and the challenges of people with illiteracy were not adequately addressed. The payment options were not tailored to the market.

The solution of the appleute

After we received the request to develop a craft app, we went straight to developing an MVP. During design and development, we specifically addressed the usage needs of the "illiterates" and made sure that essential features were included: Possibility of offline use, integration of local online wallets for online payment, self-upload of product images. appleute stands for solutions.

Our customers count on us