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Young start-up with innovative sports equipment

App showcase of our React app design for a young company from northern Germany. 

appleute App Showcase


Based on the client's vision, our design team created mockups and the final design on InVision, one of the most popular design tools.

Fitness App

Sporty UI & UX design

Fitness apps and sports apps in general should be fun, performance-enhancing and -stimulating. Here, a well thought-out color theme meets an ambitious layout.

App Showcase
App design

App development elegant & sporty

Our developers are tasked with always doing their best. Like app users, we are in competition with ourselves: Every day we want to prove ourselves anew.

Feedback rounds

appleute wants to implement the app ideas as optimally as possible. Also for this fitness app - according to the best practice client satisfaction manual- feedback loops were performed for quality assurance.

appleute development
appleute App Showcase
Sustainable hosting

Good for the environment

The hosting of the sports app runs on green servers.

Easy App Development

Light Coding

Slim and light - appleute's codes are always optimized: Lowest possible load for maximum success. Fast loading times and intuitive usability are essential.

App Showcase

We are looking forward to the next Sport App project

Feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.

Marc Mueller appleute

Challenges of the customer

The sports app revolves around the use and purchase of a workout device that resembles an expander. The fitness app offers exercises, courses (for athletes) and training for aspiring coaches for certification.

The app operators had a clear goal to promote the training device and generate revenue through the following channels:

(i) In-app sale of equipment

(ii) Exclusive access to exercises for athletes (in-app).

(iii) Exclusive access to courses for athletes (in-app).

(iv) Selling training courses to become a certified coach.

(v) App users make a purchase from a web store that is an affiliate of the Sports App

(vi) Upgrade from B2C to B2B (misleading terms) or from BASIC to PREMIUM subscription.

These revenue streams needed to be optimally integrated into one or more layers / interfaces of the app.

The solution of the appleute

appleute developed a React Native fitness app. After mockups for a B2B version and a B2C version via InVision, the design was finalized and handed over to the appleute developers. The implementation of features such as that of performance tracking - similar to the app from Fitibit or Health from Garmin or Apple - was successful. The front-end was elegantly implemented in terms of key UI and UX elements. A super easy-to-use admin panel - this is the backend for the team managing the app to make simple changes and get reports - rounded out the successful project implementation of the fitness app and promises sustainable success.

Our customers count on us