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You want to have an app developed and calculate the costs? When creating apps, costs have to be calculated. appleute prepares offers for the development of apps on a daily basis - all this would be impossible for us without a basic mathematical education. This example shows: Maths is everywhere. Unfortunately, however, maths is clearly the number one problem subject for many students. Many complain about the demands being too high and the statement "I just can't do it" is often heard. Mathematical knowledge cannot simply be programmed like an Artificial Intelligence (AI), it must be acquired. In almost all cases, such problems are not down to the incapacity of students to get their head around mathematical challenges. There is often simply too little time at school to work on these. Textbooks are too often too cryptic. Students tend to misjudge the benefits of solid maths skills and the costs to acquire them seem disproportionally high. This leads to students much rather spending time on their iPhones or Android devices, scrolling the App Store or Google Play, maybe thinking about the next good app idea. Yet maths can be so much fun! Knowing that the smartphone is such a strong tool, why not develop a maths app and make it compatible with the devices and operating systems used by students?! This way, much more is possible than "just" calculating how much developing a particular app might cost. With Scoobel, calculus and others will feel like a peace of cake.

Scoobel Maths App
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This is where Scoobel comes into play. With Scoobel, calculus and others will feel like a peace of cake. With this app you literally get your money's worth even if downloading the app was not for free. The Scoobel app was designed to cover all the core subjects of mathematics. With the app's built-in search function, users can look up results of their search entry in a rocket-fast manner in an already very intuitive user interface. At the same time, the app features a self-learning app integration that automotically recommends related topics. Each mathematical topic is explained in detail in simple steps and then practiced by means of specific exercises. Finally, you test your skills in a final exam on the respective topic. Here, not only the respective topics are tested, also the holistic mathematical understanding is expanded on. Some tasks can optionally be solved using MatLab, R or Python (e.g. statistical programming in anticipation of academic learning materials). In this way, Scoobel simultaneously promotes autodidactic learning. Scoobel promises fun learning and exploration and may even make some new maths geeks want to programme an app themselves with the newly aquired skills: After all, DIY app development is free of charge.

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