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Project - WildRide


To deliver on a great app idea: The goal is to develop a hybrid app that works across different platforms and operating systems, i.e. appleute was off to building a cross-platform app. At the core of the cross-platform app development was the following idea for an app: the user answers a handful of questions about what kind of place to go out (e.g. eating out) they are in the mood for. The app finds a suitable venue that remains a secret to the user and their entourage until they would get there. Uber and Google Maps, both of which would have to be integrated into the hybrid app, then provide a safe ride to the unknown location. The end result is a wild ride with a nice surprise. After all, also surprises can be wrapped up in app development.

Wild Ride App Development
Mobile App Entwicklung


A pragmatic & smart user interface (UI) met a subtle, eye-catching app design. The cross-platform app development in the React Native Framework took two months. Wildride's cross-platform app turned into a smooth hybrid app that delivers great surprises in three steps: click, ride, surprise. In contrast to the app product, the process of hybrid app development (as always) held no surprises: The integrations of Google Maps and Uber ran like clockwork during the app development!

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