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appleute offers the best of both worlds - short communication channels for you and a highly professional team of Indian developers. 

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Do you have an idea for an app or an app project and want to have it programmed while maintaining the highest quality standards at the most cost-effective price possible? App development agencies that have their development teams in India and outsource app programming become more and more mainstream. Having your app developed in India is no longer a gamble.

Once you experience the quality label "Made in India", you will stick to it. India's IT skills are indisputably among the best in the world - numerous technical colleges, e.g. the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), keep the best app programmers on hand (or those who want to become one). For example, numerous appleute employees at the renowned IIT have degrees in IT-related courses.

Get app developed in India

Today, we live in a world where everything happens online. Physical presence of app designers and app developers in the same place is nice, but no longer a prerequisite for a successful mobile app implementation. Startups and established companies have realized that outsourcing especially technical services like iOS and Android app programming to India not only saves costs, but more importantly, often yields more professional and better results than the "home grown" solutions. The math is simple: Indian app developers have at least the same (mostly better) qualifications, work ethic and communication skills (if English is accepted as a working language) at an average low pay compared to European ones.

Outsourcing app services to India is a strategic choice for companies and should therefore be considered carefully in view of the loss of essential competencies. Having apps developed in India makes sense especially if you rely on credible app development agencies that are also locally represented with Indian IT managers and project managers. As a German-Indian company, we, appleute, have an office in Bengaluru, one of India's tech meccas. Recruiting, for example, takes place on site. Our designers and developers feel very much at home with us and appreciate the international flair. We believe that high job satisfaction is reflected in the quality of the delivered services.

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App development and maintenance in India

Be it native app, web app, progressive web app (PWA), hybrid app - an app, to serve its purpose, needs to be managed. I.e. it needs to be maintained and updated. Hence why you may need the support of app experts not only for the initial app development. Such post-delivery services, or maintenance services, are offered by app development agencies like appleute in the form of rolling contracts. Post-delivery support is the key to a sustainably successful product. With appleute's maintenance services, you can ensure that your app product keeps on excelling even after delivery. In combination with appropriate app marketing - appleute works with app marketing experts - nothing stands in the way of a successful launch of your app.

Companies worldwide have confidence in the design and programming services of appleute, a tandem of German and Indian IT managers and programmers. Do you need any more arguments to have your app developed in India? If so, read on:

Arguments for having your app built by Indian programmers from an app development agency

+ High quality app services at an unbeatable price.

+ All state-of-the-art programming languages are handled by highly skilled app developers: be it e-commerce apps, API development, etc. It is coded cleanly and traceably.

+ India stands out for the quality of its programmers. One is among the top in international comparison.

+ Professionals are known for their knowledge and skills, especially in IT. By using their services, you can have a great app created in India.

+ Cost reduction: in-house app programming entails setting up a separate IT department. This costs a good chunk of money, all whilst experiencing reduced profit margins. Having apps programmed in India means you can expect a lot of performance for relatively little investment.

+ English as an office language: Indian app developers are not only well educated in their core field, they usually speak perfect English. The language was introduced during colonial times and is spoken in everyday life as well as taught at school. For internal work processes are not inhibited by any language barriers.

+ appleute offers CTO as a Service (CaaS) - you can sit back and relax, with our German and Indian staff taking care of the technical side of your business including app development

+ it's best to have an app built by a full-service agency with European and Indian offices: Here at appleute, every aspect of your app design and app development is taken care of to ensure your app has an all-around successful journey.

Conclusion on App development in India

If you want your company to program the app needed by themselves on principle, you have to program in-house. Intellectual property remains entirely in your hands. However, if you are looking for profit and assured quality, it is a good idea to have your app created in India. Here it is important to rely on a company with many years of experience in app development. appleute is a digital solutions studio with offices in Munich, Berlin and Bengaluru, India. We implement your app for you and take care of it post-delivery.

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