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We have been developing apps and software for customers around the world since 2020. Convince yourself of an excerpt of our references. 


Puma is a listed German manufacturer of sporting goods based in Herzogenaurach. Not only customer satisfaction, but also employee satisfaction is a top priority there. Success requires all employees to pull together, to see themselves as part of the big picture. 

To strengthen precisely this sense of belonging, the launch of the PUMA CATch up App for Employees took place under the leadership of the renowned Vogel Corporate Solutions GmbH.


ACTinEITFood is a joint project of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and EIT Food. EIT Food is the EU initiative that aims to make the food system healthier, more sustainable, more transparent and thus future-proof. 

The goal of ACTinEITFood is clear: to build an inclusive and innovative community to primarily support the creation and growth of agri-food startups. 


With Betra, you can offer your customers an automated, personalized and efficient shopping experience.

The AI camera technology recognizes when a product is picked up and adds it to the customer's digital shopping cart. As soon as the customer leaves the store, a digital receipt is issued immediately. He doesn't need cash or a card, and the trip leaves no environmental footprint.

Betra units are designed and customized for your space. They become an extension of your store, so they look and feel like part of your business, further strengthening your brand image. Give your customers the shopping experience they deserve.

TOGGL to Monday API

Originally we used | A new way of working to handle our development work in a simple but efficient way.
Everyone was very happy with it because it didn't create a lot of overhead and it allowed us to structure each project very easily.

Our biggest concern at the time was that we never really knew how much time we were actually spending per project, and therefore ended up billing our clients incorrect amounts (generally not in our favor).
To avoid this lost revenue, we started using toggl to keep track of it quickly. But since it wasn't directly integrated, we spent a lot of time per developer using toggl and then posting to

Vytal Speed-up API

To keep track of orders and dishes sent to customers, the kitchen used the Vytal app to scan boxes via QR codes. The app was developed for use in a restaurant/café to sell a few boxes, scan them, or accept them back. The use case in our customer's kitchen extended this to about 500-1000 boxes per hour. 

The challenge here was the speed of the app, because it is designed to handle 2-3 boxes at a time, as described, and not 500-1000 per hour. In addition, the QR code scanner supported by the vytal app occasionally caused the app to crash, which delayed the entire process.

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