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Frequently asked questions about apps and app development

Questions about apps

Again and again we receive questions about apps, costs of apps and their development. We would like to share our app development knowledge with you and have therefore compiled the most essential questions and answers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions and our answers

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Basically, it can be said that you can only have a very simple app created for under 10,000€. MVP prototypes can be created starting at around 12,000€. Medium-sized apps with a more comprehensive range of functions and a stable architecture cost between 20,000€-60,000€. Very large apps can easily start at 60,000€ - of course, there is never an upper limit. 

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How much can you earn with an app?

How much money can be earned with an app is difficult to define. This strongly depends on the implemented business model: do you earn money via advertising, in-app sales, premium accounts or a traditional product sale? Make realistic assumptions about user numbers and don't forget the commission costs for in-app sales of the big app stores.

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Can I program an app myself? How do you build an app?

App development is complicated, but under certain conditions it can be learned even by laymen. Many developers work - especially at the beginning of their career - according to the principle of trial & error. That is, you apply the most likely code scenario and test whether it works. If it doesn't work, the next variant is tried. This way of developing is very time consuming, but - after a relatively short basics learning - can be used by laymen. It will only obviously cost a lot of time.

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What does an app developer do?

App developers are the technical implementation of an app idea or concept. In the world of IT, app developers are probably the most creative minds. Constantly on the lookout for improvements and new approaches to solving emerging problems, app programmers ensure that a system works properly and bugs are quickly eliminated. During development, app developers also create the architecture of the app and accordingly have to build the entire logic of the app. 

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What are the running costs of an app?

Many clients look too much at the one-time development costs and forget that an app also has ongoing costs that need to be maintained. Running costs start around 180€ per month and can go up to 15,000€ per month. These costs arise from various factors. 

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What is an app?

Apps is short for applications and describes application software for mobile devices. Although the term conventionally describes software, it is often used as a synonym for applications that can be downloaded via smartphones or tablets. There are different types of apps, such as native apps, hybrid apps, or progressive web apps. 

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How does an API interface work?

In its simplest form, an API (Application Programming Interface) can be seen as a medium between different systems. The API enables data transfer from one system (for example, ERP system) to another system (logistics app) and ensures that information is ejected at the right place.

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What makes a good mobile app?

First and foremost, the app must provide added value for the user. Because if an app has no real benefit, there is no reason to use it. For example, the app can automate or simplify a process in daily life. In addition to the added value, it is of course important that an app loads quickly, functions stably, is intuitively designed and, of course, meets all security standards. 

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How much can an app cost?

Basically, we recommend that you obtain several quotes from different agencies. These offers will differ greatly. Try to include the reference projects and the personal contact of the agencies in the decision-making process. It will quickly become clear to you which service is worth how much. Nevertheless, here are a few examples: 

  • Calculator App - 6.500€
  • Sport App - 30.000€
  • Learning platform for schools - 45.000€

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How much does a server for an app cost?

Server costs are only a part of the recurring costs that arise when maintaining and servicing an app. Server costs strongly depend on the number of active users and so the following statement can be made: For some apps, free servers from Google Firebase or Heroku are sufficient. If your app gets more hits and active users, you can expect 100€-200€ per month. 

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What is the average cost of a programming hour?

The hourly rate of a appleute programmer is between 65€ and 95€. The hourly rate depends strongly on the experience or tech stack of the developer. 

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What is the tech stack of the appleute?

We work primarily on the well-known MERN stack. MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React and Node. React works mainly on the frontend, Express and Node on the backend, and MongoDB on the database side.

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What is an app concept?

App conception is a kind of idea concretization. You develop a complete structure with user flows to eliminate ambiguities and close gaps. In the app conception you define which problem your app should solve, who should use your app and how your app offers added value in detail. 

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I have an app idea, but I'm not a developer - how do we implement the app?

Contact us - we are looking forward to hearing about your app idea. Together we will discuss your idea and get you on the right track when it comes to the app conception. Once you have defined user flows, features, business model and target audience, we will be happy to make you an offer for the creation of the app.

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Why do you need app updates and backups?

Basically, you have to distinguish between updates and backups. Updates of a software or app serve the flawless functioning of the system. Operating systems, third-party software or various frameworks release an update at regular intervals, for example to close security gaps. If you do not install these updates, your system is vulnerable. Backups, on the other hand, are a backup copy of the existing app. They basically save a certain software state to be able to roll back in case of problems or failed updates. Rolling back allows you to restore the backed up state. 

What role does UX/UI design play in app development?

Often this step is rushed - especially when an MVP or prototype of an app is to be developed. The UX design and UI design are fundamental to the success of the app. If user flows are not well thought out and incomplete, users will have problems and your app will receive bad feedback right after launch. Take your time with the design!

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What are the costs of development in India?

appleute has teams in Germany and India. We combine the best qualities of both locations. Top trained designers and developers from the technology location India and personal direct communication in Germany. Of course, it is no secret that personnel costs in India are lower than in Germany - we claim that this is also reflected in the price. Nevertheless, there are no knock-down prices with us, because quality has its price. 

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What is the difference between native, web or hybrid apps?

A distinction is made between web apps, native apps and hybrid apps. Web apps are optimized for use on the web - but can also be optimized primarily for browser use. Native apps are written on dedicated frameworks for Android and iOS. Hybrid apps have the advantage that they are written on one code base and can be mapped to a large extent on the different target platforms. 

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For which target platform - Android, iOS or Web - should I publish my app?

This question will answer itself as soon as you have dealt extensively with the concept of the app. Who will use your app and, most importantly, in what situations? Will your app be used more on the desktop, or will it be accessed on the go?

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How important is it to test the app as part of QA?

Testing an app or website before publishing it is essential. Because your app can look as great as it likes - if it doesn't work, your users will stay away and churn. It is especially important to test on different devices to ensure responsive functionality.

How can I have an app made?

It all starts with the concept creation - write the user stories, develop user personas and describe functions and features of the app. Start with the must-haves and end with the nice-to-haves for a first product - a so-called MVP. 

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What is app development?

App development is the complete process required to produce an app. This begins with a planning phase, through the design phase, through the development phase, to the test phase and the app launch. 

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appleute has made changes to a web app, but they are not yet displayed. What can I do?

One more quick note: You may still be using a cached version of the website. Please do a hard reload of the web app by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R while using the web app in the browser. Ctrl+Shift+R ensures that you are using the latest version of the web app. If necessary, you can also clear the browser cache.

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