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App developer agency from Germany

App Developer Germany

Finding good app developers is hard - we give an overview of the job of an app developer and clarify what to look for when choosing an app development company.

App Developer Germany

App Developer Germany

Great app ideas only become successful when the right app developer takes on the project. Because an app design and development will only be as good as the team that develops it, setting you apart from existing solutions on the market and paving the way for your business to succeed.

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Looking for an app developer, but not sure which app developer is right for you? Whether freelancer, freelancer, local full service agency or an internationally active agency: Making the right decision here is really not easy. The number of app developers has increased over the last few years, and companies are spoilt for choice these days. Not every app developer fits every project, and so we would like to shed some light on how you can tell whether the chosen app developer company or app developer freelancer is the right choice.

In the following we give you 9 criteria to recognize which App Developer suits you and whether this is the right one.

How do I recognize the right app developer for my app idea?

You should pay attention to the following criteria when choosing an app developer:

  • The company can show relevant references
  • The offer suits you and is tailored to your use case
  • The app developer freelancer, app developer freelancer or app developer company has relevant previous experience with the operating systems relevant to you
  • You join your peers: Existing customers have a similar profile to yours
  • Competent and responsive team
  • Pricing is comprehensible and reasonable
  • The app developer advises you in advance on best practices and various components you need to pay attention to
  • Certified data protection and/or detailed documentation on procedure
  • Visibly sophisticated designs and error-free development


If you pay attention to these criteria when searching for your app developer and analyze the agency or freelancer correctly, nothing will stand in the way of a successful project.

Why choosing the right app developer is so important

Choosing the right app development team is very important. Don't be blinded by tempting cheap offers. Companies and freelancers will give you offers to App development that can be seen in the design and the App developer hourly rate differ greatly. Please immediately forget about offers that quote hourly rates below 20€ - because that is simply not realistic in Central Europe. Even if the company outsources to different countries, an app developer hourly rate below 50€ is not realistic. Local and established companies will charge a price of 80€ upwards in the DACH market.

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At the same time, when choosing the right app developer, one must realize that quality has its price. Often we have as App development agency submitted a bid for a project where the customer finally decided to go with another, very inexpensive bid. Unfortunately, too often clients cut their finger on these offers and, after wasting resources and nerves, accepted our offer to create the project.

The right app developer can support you in the planning, budgeting, implementation and go-live of your app project. The extent to which the developer supports you is, of course, always up to you - because the bottom line is that you, the customer, decide.

Ideally, the Android App Developer and iOS App Developer the right insights into a matter that you yourself don't know very well and doesn't make any profit out of it. An app developer agency - like appleute - aims to successfully create app projects so that they not only work, but rather are developed in a thoughtful and scalable way.

Search app developer - where can I find the right one?

There are a lot of platforms that are teeming with app developer freelancers.,, or are probably the most common platforms for app designer and app developer jobs.

There are also some platforms for app developer agencies, such as,,, or on the rating platform

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We advise to choose a company that offers you a local contact in a locally based company. The easiest way to find them is via the well-known search engines such as Google or Bing. Google's algorithm takes local search queries into account and always favors locally appropriate search results. Moreover, you will only find companies in Google search that do a good job in SEO (Search-engine Optimization) to display relevant content to prospective customers and thus rank high in the various search queries.

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