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appleute app development agency is dedicated to the design, development and post or long-term support of mobile applications. We consult, design and develop. For particularly exciting projects, we even discuss tech for equity models, if interesting for our clients.

App Development Germany

Native or cross-platform - the appleute develop on mobile and web

Just as with web applications - that's websites, e-commerce platforms, online stores, in app development it is essential to understand what needs the app is supposed to fulfill. What is the use case of the application? Only after we have answered these questions in dialogue with the customer, we select the technology that is best suited to achieve the goals of the app. Regardless of the app idea, there are basically different ways to technically realize an app: appleute develops native, hybrid, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and cross-platform solutions.

App Development Germany

Types of app development

The appleute offer the entire spectrum of app development

Native App Development


Hybrid App Development

Progressive Web App Development Services


Cross-Platform App Development

Android Native App Development

Native App Development

Native apps are applications developed specifically for a particular operating system or device (mostly iOS and Android). The programming languages differ by operating system: we write iOS apps on Swift or Objective-C, Android apps on Kotlin or Java. To make native apps work on the two most popular operating systems, compatibility can be established by developing two apps. appleute has the best Android programmers and iOS developers in the team to meet any app project.

Today, the majority of all apps that are developed are still native. Windows Phone native app development we write on C# by the way. Native applications usually perform very well. But their limitation is that they are not cross-platform.

Hybrid App Development Germany

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app is a combination of native and web app that can be developed for any platform on a single-code basis.

Web App Development

Progressive Web App Development Services

Progressive Web Apps are applications designed to deliver websites on different platforms - completely independent of the device used. More precisely, they are websites designed specifically for smartphones and tablets, and are therefore accessed through a web browser, such as Chrome or Safari.

Cross Platform App Development

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform apps have the advantage that you do not have to be a "native speaker" of the respective native app programming language. Rather, cross-platform app development takes place in a universal, simpler language. Via a so-called framework - a library that provides the basic structure required to create mobile apps in a specific environment - compatibility with iOS and Android is also granted. Here is an overview of the best-known frameworks:

Quick Facts about the programming languages of Cross-Platform Development

Programmiersprache Beschreibung Quick Facts
React native
React Native (from Facebook) is aimed at creating cross-platform applications. It uses native mobile components: UI is displayed on iOS, on Android. The framework is based on the Javascript programming language. By converting all elements to the native equivalent, performance and the fluid user experience resemble that of mobile apps. React native app development by appleute is an instance.
- Compatible with third party plugins
- Reusability of the code
- Simple update on the code
- High degree of flexibility
- Instantaneous testing
Flutter (from Google) is a single-code framework that enables iOS and Android app development. Thanks to a set of customizable widgets, apps can be developed quickly.
- native-like performance
- flexible UI
- customizable customized widgets
Xamarin (from Microsoft) is based on the software platforms published by Microsoft
- native API access and simple integration
- User interface support
- efficient, fast development
Cordova, also Apache Cordova (from Adobe) relies on the web programming languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to develop mobile apps. The latter are executed in a wrapper of the native app.
- a development base for multi-platform usability
- many plugins
- Development according to web standards
Ionic SDK uses web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) with the use of standard UI components (filters, sorting, forms, etc.) to develop cross-platform mobile apps.
- Recourse to plugins from Cordova
- based on AngularJS
Titanium SDK (from Appcalerator) enables app development with a single Javascript codebase and provides template-like UI components.
- API management made easy
- Code reusable
- rapid development

In addition, there are lesser known cross-platform frameworks such as Mobile Angular UI, jQuery Mobile, Native Script, Framework7, Monaca, Onsen UI. Cross-platform apps used to be criticized, but technical advances have long since made this criticism obsolete: shortcomings such as low performance, a less than fluid user experience, and the need for constant customization have been overturned. Today, it is almost impossible for the layman to distinguish native apps from cross-platform apps.

Our 5 development steps of your digital project

No matter what type of app ultimately fits your use case, you are in good hands with appleute. We accompany you with your digital project in the following stages

Germany App Development

1 - Conception or design

Our designers and project managers work out the optimal design in discourse with you.

2 - Development

Our developers receive the steep pass from our designers and implement the application.

3 - Publication

If necessary, you want to publish your app on one of the popular stores - Google Play for Android, App Store for Apple. No problem!

4 - Aftercare

Apps not only receive updates, they also have to undergo security tests again and again. An app never stands still!

5 - Marketing

We also work with partners who help customers market apps. Just ask!

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