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Stuttgart App Developer Agency

App developer agency for Stuttgart

Do you have an app idea and are now looking for an app developer? Are you an SME trying to digitize processes? Your search ends here, because the appleute team, consisting of Stuttgart project managers and Indian superstar developers in Bengaluru, will take over the implementation of your app. 

App development Stuttgart

App Developer Stuttgart

App Agency Stuttgart

You do not yet know which technology is the right one for your App idea Or you don't know how an app can digitize processes in your company? Then share your idea with us - we analyze, discuss and understand your background and motivations and help with the planning phase and app conception. Whether hybrid, for iOS or Android, or only for the Web - we support you with App design and App development

Have your app developed by our app agency for Stuttgart

Our app agency offers the entire spectrum of app development for Stuttgart - at competitive prices. Contact us to Your free initial consultation we clarify the conception, next steps, as well as associated App development costs and running costs of the app. So you know in advance what you are getting into with this venture!

Experienced, Structured and Precise - appleute App Developer in Stuttgart

What problem are you trying to solve with the help of an app? Which target group are you addressing? How does your app solve an existing problem? How can an app scale your business as an SME? All these questions will be defined at the beginning in a series of workshops. Only then do we get down to the Design, the Development and the Testing

What does the app development process of appleute App Agency in Stuttgart look like?

It is important that your app provides real added value for the end user. Because if the app doesn't offer that, the bottom line is that no one will use your app. Our consulting approach is holistic. Often called a full-service agency, we take care of the entire process from conception and design to hosting and support. 

This is how the app process of appleute for Stuttgart looks like

Getting to know each other personally at the beginning of the collaboration is extremely important to us. Because we believe that this gives you a better feel for the customer's ideas and wishes regarding the app. Contact us - We look forward to getting to know you!

We sit down several times at the beginning of the collaboration to discuss the concept of the app. If you don't know exactly what you want the app to look like by the end at this point, that's not a problem. We take you by the consulting hand and define together Which technology is the best option for your application. 

We spend the first sprints of the app project on defining the wireframes and later the design. Only when the design has been made to the satisfaction of all stakeholders do our App Developer in India and Stuttgart to the Development on. Depending on the project and scope, the development takes about 4 weeks to 32 weeks to get a working version online.

As soon as the development has been tested and the quality has been assured, we start transferring the app to the app store(s). In general, there are a few fees here - but these are rather marginal when compared with the non-recurring development costs. Both app stores - Apple's AppStore and Google's PlayStore - require a developer account to be set up. This is less than €500 per year. 


After we have tested through your app and made any bugs and improvements, your app goes live. Basically all stores charge fees to list an app. However, these costs are generally low, do not exceed 500€/year and are disproportionate to the App development costs. A final check of copyright, privacy and optimized screen resolution is verified and off we go on the wild ride.  

The release of the app is not the end of the story. Because after the work is before the work. You will get the first feedback from your users, implement improvements and develop new features. This way, the entire app will be more interesting for your users and offer them significant added value. Read more here about the Running costs of an app

Why the appleute
App developer for Stuttgart?


Several years of experience of the teams

Contact us and talk to our project managers and app developers. Convince yourself of our quality, our approach and especially our design and development process. We are looking forward to meeting you.

desktop, tablet, phone

Optimized end device development

Thanks to our long device list and experience in automated testing, we make sure that your app is optimized for the maximum number of devices. This results in fewer bug fixes at launch. Take a look our testing process an.

adaptable process

Adaptable project management

Thanks to our many years of experience, all our project managers are adaptable and can fit into predefined processes. Present us your existing project flow and project structure and related tools.


Testing and quality assurance

Over the years, we have developed a sophisticated testing process. Our mobile and web app testers are flexible and have the ability to integrate with your existing testing process. 

Full Service Agency

Holistic consulting approach

Starting with the free initial consultation, to extensive workshops, to the design, to the App development and aftercare. At appleute you get it all!

Contact Person

Only one contact person

We all know how annoying it can be when your contractor contact is constantly changing. We make sure that your first point of contact stays with you until the end of the project. 

Have app programmed in India for Stuttgart

If the project is completed to your satisfaction, we will be happy to invite you for some Maultaschen in Stuttgart.

Marc Mueller appleute