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Great app idea - what do I need to watch out for?

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You have a great app idea and want to start implementing it immediately. You don't have any development experience yourself and therefore rely on the help of a professional agency. We explain what you should pay attention to when sharing your app idea.

Share App Idea 2021

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Here you stand: you have a Idea for what you think is a promising mobile app, but no to little idea about programming. 

If you do not implement the app idea yourself and do not program yourself you will have to use the Learn programming or at a App Developer be presented to you. Since the risk of losing ideas when programming yourself is devastatingly low, this section looks at the scenario in which you can use your Get your App developed.

App idea 2021

Before you even outsource app development - like the appleute App Agency - pass on, it is necessary to question the usability of your app (applies even in the event that you program yourself). The best way to do this is by sharing ideas with others. 

Friends or acquaintances, family or work colleagues are often great discussion partners. Very often, however, these people are not impartial. They want to share the enthusiasm for your App idea but neglect the negative criticism. 

Experts in the conception and design of mobile and web apps such as appleute are available as discussion partners for an initial, free exchange. We give open, honest feedback, as we are primarily concerned with the matter at hand.

If you are afraid that your idea will be stolen once you present it to others, consider the following: Your idea is most likely not as revolutionary as you think. There may already be a similar or related app that solves the problem you're trying to solve.

At appleute, we encounter a "new" idea every day - the majority of ideas have already been implemented in this way or something similar. Often, intellectual property owners are afraid to test the existing existence because it is demotivating. This is treacherous.

Advisors and funders that you may seek out to raise money for the development of your idea - for example, to pay the developers - are much less interested in the commercialization of your idea than you think. 

Rather, investors invest in your profile, i.e. your experience and expertise in the app-relevant area. When it comes to app ideas, experts share the view that investors are more interested in the "how" than the "what".

What would be the alternative? Steal the app idea (for which you have a knowledge advantage) and found your own startup? As the word investors implies: you invest and advise if necessary. The executive in the operational business is you. Ideas only have real value when they are exploited by you.

So the risk that others will look at your App idea is very small. But it is there. That's why appleute offers any person or entity before they share an app idea, a non-disclosure agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement, NDA).

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How should I approach my app idea?

The appleute offer the entire spectrum of app development

roadmap for your app idea

Before you share your app idea: Market research and competitor analysis

  • Market research

Do research on what is already available, i.e. conduct a study on identical or comparable products. The best thing to do is to search Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store to see if anyone already offers or has commercialized your solution.

  • Competitive analysis

Act rationally, not emotionally: You've already spent a lot of time and energy thinking your idea through further, and you're emotionally attached to Your idea. Understandable! However, good poker players will also part with a nominally strong hand if they perceive the competition to be stronger.

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Share app idea correctly

  • Exchange with closer environment

    Talk to people (friends, friends of friends, family) you trust and who know the market to get an opinion on your venture.

    • Exchange with professionals

    Talk to a developer you trust for a technical opinion. Sign an NDA.

    When you Your idea If you really want to implement the app, even after careful discussion, and have no programming skills yourself, please contact us so that we can coordinate the details of the app development with you. 

    The next step is to develop a minimum viable product (MVP), a version of your app that has been slimmed down to the essential components and functions.
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After you share your app idea: MVP development

Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of your application or have it developed by agencies such as appleute. In most cases, the idea provider finances the MVP themselves. As a rule, investors will only release funds once your application is visually and haptically tangible. 

If you do not have the necessary capital to launch your project, you should meet with potential investors and present your project by explaining your business model and your motivation to attract a Develop MVP, present.

Minimal Viable Product Development