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App Ideas 2023

App ideas - What are Good Ideas for an App?

We have summarized and listed the best app ideas for you. Here are the top 6 app idea categories:

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What is a good idea for an app? appleute thinks a good app is one that has an actual use case, that is, one that provides a solution to a real (world) problem, whether on iOS, Android, or the two Operating systems built. 

Every one of us has had an idea for an app. As App development agency we are often confronted with bold statements from our customers, such as "this mobile application could be the new Instagram or Facebook", "how come no one has come up with this brilliant app idea yet?". 

We love the enthusiasm we encounter from our customers. By no means do we want to discourage people from thinking big. But to give you some guidance, we'd like to share a list of what we think are 6 good app ideas.

characteristics of a great app

Online shopping apps & e-commerce apps

Sell & buy things online

E-commerce apps and sales apps are an ever-growing trend in the mobile market today and something we see high demand for. 

With an increasing number of items for sale online, this type of application is very much in use. This trend is visible even if we hide Corona's impact on online shopping.

App Development

When you open an online shopping app, you have a direct overview of the different types of items that are on sale. By applying appropriate filters, you can even sort by the item's price or relevance. 

As a buyer, you can then simply purchase the desired item according to your filter criteria. 

Fashionable and sustainable app idea: Marketplace apps are a great way to buy and sell used stuff which – save the planet by launching green apps!

Donation of leftover food

You do something good without paying extra for it

Our parents and school teachers taught us well: don't waste food. Food donation applications are mobile apps, making it easier for you to donate your food. 

Leftover food from homes, parties and gatherings could be stored in a clean place and given to people at camps, charities, homeless shelters, food banks and food pantries, or sold to people living on a limited budget. 

A food waste app is one of the best ways to ensure that people stop wasting food. Food waste can be addressed by both individuals and businesses.

Learn more about App Budget here

Donate food scraps

Apps that address this problem are valuable, whether it's through a network for pickup and redistribution or an app that allows restaurants to sell their food at cost.

Fashionable and sustainable app idea: Get inspired by how Too good to go developed a green app that solves the food waste problem with a commission-based business model all while benefiting supermarkets and consumers so seamlessly. This app idea was very well executed. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Apps for taxes

Everyone must regularly file a tax return

Have you also thought about your tax payments countless times? Then it's best to find an easy-to-use tax app. 

With this app, any user can calculate and predict the amount of income-based taxes they have to pay. On top of that, this app can check and confirm that you always pay the right amount.

Control App

Fashionable and sustainable app idea: Try to note down problems you have encountered doing your taxes. You will see that once you formulate requirements of an app for taxes, you are solving tax problems other people have encountered at the same time.

Invoicing apps

Writing invoices made easy

An invoicing app can exist in conjunction with a tax app. An invoicing app in itself helps in creating invoices that help you eliminate your business hassles. This app is especially useful for Startups and SMEs useful.

App invoicing

Fashionable and sustainable app idea: Startups often waste resources using outdated methods for accounting. Rather, spend some time researching for the one app that solves the problems you need to solve in one place. 

This, in turn, is the key to any successful invoicing app, unless they really just want to solve vertical problems.

Instant services on demand

Make it even easier for the end customer

With apps like Uber, Amazon instant delivery, etc., people are now very used to getting the service they want almost instantly. The majority of mobile apps out there are on-demand. 

Food delivery, cab services, repair shops, dry cleaners and, of course, grocery and retail are heavyweights that have ventured into on-demand applications. 

Here are the services just a few smartphone tips away. There are a lot of fantastic app ideas for on-demand services.

Service on demand App

Fashionable and sustainable app idea: Spend a lot of time getting the UI and UX right. The moment a user feels disoriented, you've most likely lost them. 

On-demand apps should be fluid. Less time to get to the desired action also means less battery consumption and a gentler impact on the environment. Funnily enough, you may have already noticed this: the UI and the UX of your app design benefit from your intentions to be considerate of the environment - so slim!

Meet & Date

Find love online

Nowadays, dating apps are growing in popularity. Humans innately have the drive to be social – more less than others. Bring some good to the world by connecting people.

Fashionable and sustainable app idea: As strange as it sounds, make people experience real live away from electronic devices! Nature has got a lot to offer. The best moments are those that are shared physically, in person. A meet and/or date app is there to get action kicked off!

Implement app idea

Useful information for your app launch

Creating an app is a great idea for your business success. If you have the necessary programming skills and want to try your hand at creating a simplified prototype of your app idea or even app ideas, free sample applications will help you as placeholders for elements you can use later. 

Also appleute works in the MVP development with open source tools.

For example, you can make use of publicly available programming interfaces, i.e. APIs. With the help of these APIs, you can recreate CRUD applications or (partially) simulate later API functionalities. The following APIs are freely available to you:

Program app yourself
Starting an It company

When designing the prototype of your app idea, app developers also make use of other solutions that can be used to design your app. Prototypes for free - at least as far as possible. Here are a few useful links with free material for implementing the app idea (no affiliation or sponsorship):

App ideas: Added value and sustainability

What does an app idea really depend on?

There are countless great ideas. An idea is an idea. Often an idea solves a problem. An idea is especially great when it solves a problem or even several problems.

Transferred to the Concept app idea means that a good app idea is one that creates new value or adds value after its implementation. With an app idea, you don't have to "reinvent the wheel". Added value is offered not only when something new is created, but also when something existing is improved.

The digital age is here to stay. In all likelihood, you are not the one or the first with your idea. And even if you are, that's no guarantee of success. After all, as we've already touched on, an idea is initially immaterial. It becomes material, i.e. tangible, when it is implemented in practice.

Most app ideas remain intangible. This is quite normal: companies as well as private individuals have other priorities. App development agencies We wouldn't be able to keep up with demand if every app idea were to be implemented.

"I have an idea for an app." remains mostly a thought. How do you then determine whether the app idea is worth implementing? We are an environmentally conscious technology company and want to address the question of whether it makes sense to implement app ideas, also with regard to sustainability aspects:

  • Enter into discourse with friends, acquaintances, relatives. Share app ideas makes sense! Be open to critical feedback and enforce it. Learning from mistakes, correcting weaknesses and making strengths stronger has taken us far so far.
  • Does the implementation of your idea solve a one-time problem or a recurring problem? Who or what is facing the problem?
  • How can the success of the app be made measurable? Do the benefits cover or exceed the costs?
  • Can the problem be solved more simply than via an app?
Environmentally friendly development
  • Your app needs to be maintained and running. This requires the purchase of hardware. Emissions attributable to hardware account for a good three quarters. These include: Device manufacturing (e.g., of smartphones) and the installation of cost-intensive data centers. A quarter of emissions originate in the software sector. Servers (cloud) and electricity cost money and cause CO2 emissions (Learn more about green development).
  • The digital transformation demands increasingly powerful IT infrastructures. The data may not be visible, but it must be stored. Capacities are not inexhaustible; storage space is a limited resource, no matter how well packaged the data. Every server-relevant action causes Costs. Servers need to be cooled. That requires energy. So mobile apps have a significant impact on global energy consumption and therefore the environment. So be aware that people who use your app will not only incur financial costs, but possibly also environmental costs. Will the app you implement help people and the environment benefit from it?
  • Talk to experts. appleute registers daily need for communication on creative and innovative ideas. And that's great! We gladly sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) and give you honest feedback. If we judge the potential of the app to be extraordinary, we are Code-for-Equity Deals an option.

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