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Project - Permatech


The development of an advanced accounting app was required. The goal was to develop a system or a smart internal app that enables more efficient, automated accounting, invoicing and payments. The internal app should connect via internal APIs with various banking services and the tax authorities in order to transfer sensitive information as quickly and securely as possible. Data should be communicated automatically via the internal app. While the work with payment apps required simple API developments, the API development of the company system to connect to banking providers and tax authorities was the more complex challenge. In addition, the server configuration had to be optimised for increased data security. Financial data is like patient data: it may only be viewed by authorised parties.

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The accounting app was Permatech's and appleute's answer to a solution that did not exist on the market. The app idea was born out of an actual need, the app conception and the implementation were performed by us. The solution consisted of a simple pipeline overview of offers, invoices, open invoices and paid invoices. Our app developers developed the APIs. The result of the API development was an automatic, encrypted data exchange with the bank providers and tax authorities. The app was programmed by the API developers in such a way that it allows manual intervention outside of the automated flow. The way to make manual changes was taught to Permatech employees in a 1-day workshop - making the "search for app developers" redudant through allocating in-house capacity. Permatech's accounting team was able to reduce their working hours by almost 30% thanks to our API developers. This prompted Permatech to pilot the four-day work week. Furthermore, our app programmers searched for and found a global data security levels up to be the best solution, so that e.g. financial data could be hosted even more securely on Siteground's servers. An app blockchain solution (Vechain) was also integrated to comply with sustainable security standards.

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