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Find Indian programmers

IT and India are now inseparable terms. While international cooperation between Germany and India was still rare a few years ago, India has become indispensable in software development. And so current statistics confirm that India is export world champion No.1 with approx. 75 billion USD of exported IT services. The appleute help to work with the right app developers. 

Find Indian programmers

Outsourcing software development to India

appleute provide their app developers

India is an immensely large country - and as large as the country is, so is the range of app developers and software developers that are available. Of course, there are - as always and everywhere - very big differences in quality and price.

Cultural differences between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and India are often relatively large and can lead to problems. Because, as Hofstede already found out in his cultural research, these cultures are fundamentally different and that gives potential for friction. 

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Best developers in India

And that is where the App agency appleute comes into play. Because we form the rapport between Indian top developers and on-site communication. Our entity in Germany also gives our customers security. 

We spend months, even years, on the recruiting process of the best Indian app design and software development talent. Our 4-step hiring process ensures that there are no mistakes or errors in this process. Each of our app designers and software developers goes through the following steps: 

  • Get-to-know-you phone call with the project manager
  • Technical talk about expertise, stack and background
  • Live coding session with senior developers on site
  • Final teamfit talk

All our work is aimed at ensuring that you no longer have to go through these steps. Benefit from the appleute developer pool

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Benefit from the appleute team

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Why should I outsource my software development to India?

Our design and development teams make the difference

Cost savings - save development costs

It is no secret that Software development costs in India are lower than in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. But even India, of course, there are serious differences in price. Therefore the following recommendation: 

  • Rely on proven outsourcing teams

Very cheap agencies for App development often hire inexperienced developers to cut costs. In some cases this can work out well, but unfortunately it is all too common for this to drag out projects and make them more expensive. 

  • Pay attention to references, certificates and reviews

To find out if a Agency is suitable for cooperation, you should Reference projects look at customer feedback. Because that's where you get a true feel for the collaboration.

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Shortened development times for your app

You buy external labor in addition to your staff for a certain period of time. Because nothing else is such an outsourcing software development. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Iterative development process

Have a development plan drawn up - ideally in a so-called 2-week sprint plan that clearly defines at what point in time which sub-areas have been developed and are ready for testing. Keep your agency on the deadlines.  

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Use of the latest technologies

Since you're getting a team of experts in house at the touch of a button, so to speak, who do nothing but work in this industry all year round, you can be sure that these App agency uses the latest technologies. This becomes especially important when time is of the essence and several companies may be working on a similar solution. 

Because if there were now an agency using a significantly better software or technology, they would gain a head start in time, which would lead to the end in an earlier release date. 

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