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Mobile and web app testing with our app agency

Professional App Testing

Quality assurance and testing are an essential part of the app development process. Unfortunately, this step is all too often underestimated and leads to problems at the launch of the app or in the first customer feedback. To ensure that your app works, quality assurance and testing must be written and executed. Below we describe our mobile and web testing approach to give an insight into the effort involved. 

Mobile and Web App Testing

Professional Mobile and Web App Testing

Our test experts are on call

appleute is first class when it comes to testing apps - be it mobile or in the Web. Our expert teams write automated tests and manually test your software. All of this is aimed at increasing the quality of your digital solution and thus making your customers happier. Moreover, our teams specialize in regular testing and understand where the bug devil can creep in. Through the Outsource to the appleute, you save yourself this tedious process and have more time for the important things - your customers.

Mobile App Testing
Web App Testing

Thanks to the large number of test devices with different operating systems, uses and states, we can cover a large amount of use cases. We own all Ipad, Iphone, Samsung S and Samsung A series. We also test on different OS versions where necessary.

In order to detect a maximum of errors, it is necessary to proceed systematically and goal-oriented. Thanks to our proven and software-supported testing process, we ensure that your software works as well as possible. If you need further assistance in fixing these bugs, we are also happy to help. 

Which app should we test for you?

We are happy to present our process to you

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Your appleute App Testing Advantages

How we ensure the quality of your app

adaptable process

1. adaptive user testing with appleute

We maintain our process in your system - gladly also automated

We've all been there: you've built a sophisticated process over the years and onboarding new team members just takes time. Now you want an external agency to handle the usability test for your Mobile app start and you are sure that you need at least 2 days for the system implementation?

Don't worry - appleute adapts to your communication and project management tools. Thanks to years of experience in App development and app testing, all of our App Developer and App Tester, I have already become acquainted with a number of systems - be it Kanban, Scrum, or an internally developed method.

How can I get my app tested? Simply write to us via the contact form and tell us about the software you want to test. We will be happy to get back to you after we have had a first look at the order and present our solution approach.

Mobile testing
Inexpensive development

2. clear cost and price structures

Have you thought about outsourcing the AppTesting process?

The appleute work on a simple pricing model based on browsers to be tested, end devices to be tested, and the number of features to be tested. The range of end devices, such as tablet, smartphone and laptop, is constantly increasing in its variation. We keep you up to date with the latest device changes, so you'll never have to chase an update again. 

We offer either short-term contracts in which the entire range of functions is tested once, or long-term contracts in which we regularly test additional end devices (often: edge cases) for you in addition to your team. 

What is an edge case?

An edge case is a software application that is fundamentally not what is expected and that occurs very rarely in its kind, thus forming an exception to the rule. This can be, for example, the invocation of a web app in a Nokia 9000 Communicator, which is very rare today. We can all imagine that with the first smartphone of all times, problems arise with the mapping of novel software. The opposite of the edge case is the happy path, which describes the application of a software as expected.

Mobile App Testing

3. our test processes are customer-oriented and goal-oriented

How we test your app

If you don't plan properly and extensively, sooner or later you will omit or forget a use case. Nobody is perfect, but with proper planning you can get the best overview and cover and test a maximum of use cases.

Our planning serves as the basis for project control. In the process, our experts work closely with the Developer Teams and project teams together. Proper documentation of the software tested so far is essential - we are also happy to record the tasks in a requirements specification.

Once the test project is set up, our team gets to work creating user stories and putting your system through its paces - on the end devices you need.

What to consider when app testing on mobile and on the web? 

Don't focus too much on the appearance of your app. Function over design is always the top priority. Make sure that all the features work fully, their performance is at a high standard, and users ultimately appreciate the usability of your app. 

Web App Testing
desktop, tablet, phone

4. we are your high quality app testing partner

Trained and massaged app testing teams make the difference for you and your app

Many of the testing agencies limit themselves to writing automated tests. At appleute, we make it a point to test your app holistically, and so our smorgasbord of retired and new smartphones is regularly used within usability testing for mobile. While it is possible to replicate many of the devices' features in the browser, there is still a big difference between the "replicated" use on the smartphone and the real use of the device and its operating system. 

The following applies: Not all functions that you can see and use as a user of an app are executed directly in the app. A lot of information is transferred on the server side, so basic functions like login/registration are handled directly on the server side.

TipThe more devices you have available for testing, the fewer problems and bugs will arise afterwards due to responsiveness. So nothing stands in the way of the launch of your app. 

Web App Testing

Need help testing your app?

We will gladly advise you

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Why outsource mobile and web app testing to appleute?

Whether web, cross-platform or native - our app agency takes care of it.

appleute App Testing

1. experienced app testing team

Our team has written many a test case and knows what is important in mobile and web app testing. 

2. save money and nerves

Testing can be lengthy and expensive. We give you flat rates you can count on.

3. fresh wind in testing

8 eyes see more than 4. Fresh eyes allow a new perspective for improvement on your app project.