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Put mobile app design and development in the hands of professionals

App developer companies

In recent years, creating customized mobile applications has become an essential part of any company's business and marketing strategies. Just like implementing a responsive website, this is indeed a highly effective way to stay competitive. The main purpose of an app is to make a mobile user's journey as convenient and time-saving as possible. App development companies Know that UI and UX are of paramount importance.

Creating successful mobile apps is easier said than done. Designing and building a iOS-, Android- or Progressive Web (PWA) application requires excellent expertise in this field. Therefore, for successful implementation, it is best to leave this task in the hands of professionals. Here is a list of reasons why:

Hiring app development companies like appleute for your app project will help you improve your online visibility, strengthen your brand image, stand out from the competition, collect and analyze data metrics, and increase your return on investment (ROI). Achieving these goals requires experience and expertise. That's why we recommend you hire a qualified agency with high-quality credentials.

appleute masters the various tools needed to develop an application and has the necessary technical skills to work diligently. With us you can save a lot of time without sacrificing the quality of your mobile application. We have already implemented a large number of applications. By entrusting your app project to an expert, you can focus on other core aspects of your product or business.

The numbers of mobile applications and smartphone purchases are rising

Do you know anyone who doesn't have a smartphone? On average, 100 million smartphones are sold every month worldwide. By 2024, the number of app downloads is expected to exceed 500 billion. There are different types of mobile apps and App ideasthat app companies develop: mobile games, banking, e-commerce (online shopping), location-based services (GPS), ticket purchases, job platforms, medical services (e.g., Doctolib), music & radio (e.g., Spotify), TV (e.g., Amazon Prime, Netflix), newspaper (e.g., New York Times), online browsing (e.g., via Google Chrome, Safari), and social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter).

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Development of applications for external and internal use

On the one hand, a mobile application - whether downloadable or not - can also be used externally as a means of communication for companies that want to interact, i.e. exchange information with other companies (B2B). On the other hand, it can also be used internally. The spectrum of use cases is immense.
All applications require smooth navigation, intuitive access to information and key functions and features. Users tend not to tolerate bugs. Moreover, they are very picky when it comes to the quality, relevance and frequency of notifications. A mobile application project should be refrained from if the quality standards cannot be met. Poor quality execution would damage the reputation of the development company and leave stains and red numbers on the client side. Today, appleute has a 100 % success rate in app projects.

Technologies used by an agency for mobile application development

Software houses like appleute use the following Programming Technologies - consisting of tools, languages, and frameworks - to take an app from paper to reality: iOS Software Development Kit (SDK), Android SDK, React Native (from Facebook), Flutter (from Google), Redux (open-source JS), ARCore (from Google), ARKit, and RealityKit (from Apple).
As you may know, Android (80 %) and iOS (20 % of smartphones released) take over almost the entire German mobile application market, while other players only serve niches.

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The steps of mobile app development

A good app development company follows a clearly defined process to develop the app in such a way that it meets both your expectations and those of the subsequent users. The process at appleute is as follows:
1- we discuss the app requirements with you to get the best understanding of your idea and the future specifications of your app product. Moreover, we make a choice of the operating system and programming technologies to be used. Basically we create the Concept of your app.
2- We move on to the design and development of the UX/UI. We define the user flow and perform wireframing. Aesthetics and usability are the two crucial factors in developing an optimized user experience.
3. based on the design, flow and wireframes, the developers 100 % have clarity on what needs to be done. Development can begin.
4- Our experts move to testing phase to check performance on metrics (computational & behavioral). Errors are corrected and fixed. The quality of the app is assured.
5- A hosting & maintenance package / long-term support is offered to ensure long-term success. Here you can find more information about the Running costs of an app catch up.

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If you have any questions about apps or applications, our app developer company will be happy to assist you.