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The "Tech for Equity" model for startups and SMEs

Tech for Equity

appleute believes in good founders and ideas. Many great projects simply lack budget. We like to support projects with potential and offer our app development at a reduced rate - in exchange for company shares in the app project.

Tech for equity

appleute's technical resources for equity

Tech for equity, also known as Technology for equity or IT for equity, is a service appleute provides for promising startups and SMEs. We equip businesses with technical resources and expertise in exchange for equity capital.

When we offer tech for equity, we do not act as an incubator, accelerator or investment fund. With IT for equity, we become part of your team!

Ongoing app costs

A good app project needs a good app development team

We are appleute, an innovative team for App development projects. We help companies turn great app ideas into exceptional app products. appleute delivers outstanding App development services.

We often encounter teams with great entrepreneurial spirit, outstanding ideas, but lacking the technological profile to make their App idea from paper to reality. Every tech startup and SME working on apps needs very good Developer, to grow. You can either build an internal team or use the App development outsource (with the "Tech for Equity" option).

App development in-house vs. tech for equity

Facts on in-house team

1) Time to market - finding quality developers that can execute on your vision generally takes time, recruitment is slow. The best employees are not generally hunting for jobs. Depending on your interview process and their notice period you are looking at 3-6 months to recruit top talent.

2) There is a high demand for good App developers, it's hard to keep them on board.

3) Good App developers are relatively expensive.

Facts on Tech for equity model:

1) Flexible team, finding the most optimal configuration of team members for a given project

2) Years of experience in app development (native apps, hybrid apps, Web apps, progressive web apps)

3) Skin in the game: Risk is shared and all members committed to work on the app development project

Post-delivery support and seamless transition to in-house

The vision of the tech for equity model is such that after the development of the core app technology and the launch of the app product, the tech team provides post-delivery maintenance and support for a certain amount of time for further improvements and product updates. Post-delivery tech expertise is provided until the startup / SME reaches the time to deploy their in-house tech team. The in-house team will experience the best possible code handover and knowledge transfer for a seamless transition.

Interested in appleute's tech for equity model?

Get in touch with our team to make your app project a very successful one.