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Appointment booking online - which software fits best?

Appointment booking software

Appointment booking online - We have analyzed the 4 best appointment booking software for doctors and hospitals to save time and money.

Appointment booking software

For your patients

Long live the classic appointment by phone. Nowadays, however, patients are increasingly using online reservations or bookings to make appointments. From the patient's point of view, the immediate availability of consultation appointments, the booking of appointments including confirmation by e-mail and synchronization in their own online calendar are very convenient. A calendar that patients can use to book appointments is usually part of any appointment booking software (or appointment scheduling software). 

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At first glance, appointments made via computer or smartphone may seem mechanical, almost impersonal. However, this has no influence on the actual appointment itself, considering that the encounter between the medical staff and the patient ultimately always takes place in person.

Digital First has long since found its way into everyday practice - Corona has accelerated the process.

For you as a doctor

With appointment booking software and calendars linked to it, you can better estimate and manage your expected workload. Appointments are instantly synchronized in your online calendar (e.g. Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, iCalendar). It brings certainty. In general, of course, any scheduling software can exist only as part of a solution that makes a certain number of appointments bookable online. 

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This gives you the opportunity to cater to certain patient groups (e.g., mute patients) in appointment scheduling without discriminating against others; non-digital patients still have the option of making appointments by phone or physically. Particularly in times of crisis (e.g., Corona, severe flu epidemic), online appointment scheduling - in addition to video consultations - helps to diminish patient contact with one another.

Customized appointment booking software from appleute

appleute develops individualized appointment booking software solutions for physicians. Appointment booking software allows you to book medical appointments online. Whether you're a doctor working solo, in a group practice, or in a clinic or hospital, online appointment bookers help you stay organized. Good appointment booking software reduces administrative work at your practice's front desk - time your team can spend on other things. The design and execution of the customized appointment booking software is tailored to your needs and those of your patients. These are the focus of any appointment booking software.

Appointment booking software developed by appleute typically includes the following information and features:

  • Schedule and availability of a physician and the duration of an examination;
  • Book, cancel and reschedule appointments anytime and from anywhere;
  • Appointment confirmation via email and/ or SMS for you and your patients;
  • Priority access for certain groups of people (other medical staff, regular patients, etc.) when entering appointments;
  • Availability on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops;
  • Compatibility with all major Internet browsers;
  • Mobile app version (optional);
  • Waiting list in case patients cancel appointment (optional);
  • If the appointment is a medical video consultation, we will provide you with a secure link to the video call;
  • Video consultations through authorized and billable video call providers;
  • Transparent pricing: software development (white label solution) plus optional maintenance package

The appointment booking software developed by appleute is principally made accessible via a dedicated (booking) page with its own link. 

In addition, we at appleute can develop an entire website for you, including custom appointment booking software. This way you kill two birds with one stone: website plus booking software. This hybrid service is increasingly requested by your colleagues.

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Overview of available scheduling software

For those of you who would like to try out pre-built, already available solutions from other vendors first, below we discuss four appointment booking softwares that enable online appointment scheduling and external calendar synchronization. 

We examine these in terms of various characteristics:

  1. Does the appointment scheduling provider offer a dedicated booking page for you?
  2. Can the scheduler be integrated into your custom website or content management system (CMS)?
  3. Can the scheduler be integrated with Zapier to interface with other web apps?

1) Reservio

Reservio is an appointment booking software that is well received in the medical field. You as a doctor can accept up to 40 appointment bookings per month free of charge. In many cases, this is too few. To increase the number of possible reservations, Reservio offers premium packages from 8 to 40 €.

Booking page available (if you do not have a website): Yes

Integration with your custom website or CMS: Yes

Integrated with Zapier: No


With appointment booking software, you can offer your patients appointment bookings through various channels (Facebook, Google, etc.). Simply Book Me offers a wide range of features that could prove useful for your medical business. You can participate in a 14-day trial period, during which you can accept up to 50 reservations. After an initial trial period, you can opt for a paid subscription, the price of which depends on the features you want to unlock.

Booking page available (if you do not have your own website): Yes

Integration with your custom website or CMS: Yes

Can be integrated in Zapier: Yes

3) Timify

In just a few clicks, your patients can view your availability and book appointments. Unfortunately, Timify's free Classic plan does not include synchronizations with your calendar. In order for Timify's appointment booking software to interact with other external calendar systems and handle other important information, you would need to unlock the premium version.

Booking page available (if you do not have your own website): Yes

Integration with your custom website or CMS: Yes

Can be integrated in Zapier: Yes

4) Doodle

Doodle, the classic online calendar tool, adds new features to stay competitive: Doodle has expanded its offering by allowing the option to book appointments.

Booking page available (if you do not have your own website): Yes

Integration with your custom website or CMS: Yes

Can be integrated in Zapier: Yes

5) Calendly

With the goal of making appointment bookings online as uncomplicated as possible, Calendly has managed to win over independent general practitioners and dentists in particular. The Pro version should also be selected for Calendly in order to benefit from all relevant functionalities.

Booking page available (if you do not have your own website): Yes

Integration with your custom website or CMS: Yes

Can be integrated in Zapier: Yes

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Appointment booking software summary

No matter how large and complex your medical facility, and regardless of whether you're a self-employed independent general practitioner, a clinic, or a hospital, appointment booking software makes your job easier. For your patients, appointment booking software gives them another way to make or book appointments. 

Above, we presented what we consider to be the four best plug-and-play solutions. Our customers - doctors, dentists, orthodontists, hospitals - often express doubts about insufficient data security, poor customer support and a lack of promised personalization. Fortunately, we provide a remedy.

appleute takes care of your needs, analyzes the current state and defines a target state with you. We are here to meet your expectations and requirements for an optimal appointment booking system. If you need a website or an app developed in addition to or independently of the appointment booking software, we will do that for you as well. Of course, we will also install your video consultation setup and advise you on this.

appleute delivers highly customized solutions while maintaining the highest data security standards. We care about you as much as you care about us. Contact us and nothing will stand in the way of successful treatment.

You have a website?

The customized scheduler software developed by appleute can be easily integrated into your website and seamlessly synchronizes in real time with any type of calendar.