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There is no doubt that apps are useful. Probably for your purposes too, right? All small and medium-sized (SMB) and large enterprises use software applications and APIs that connect software systems. With app agencies like appleute, you can have your app programmed. Programming interfaces are also becoming more and more embedded in the IT landscape of companies.

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Mobile, hybrid and web app development is a challenging process that our designers and developers love. Do you need help in creating an iOS or Android app? With Digital Solutions Studio or app development agencies, you can get solutions like API programming to meet your business needs. The price of making an app depends on many factors:

From the technologies chosen for the development (native, cross-platform or web, etc.) and from the functions and features that the app should provide. The best thing to do is to contact us to discuss your app idea and get a free, no-obligation quote. 

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Get an app developed

For particularly exciting projects, e.g. from startups, we even consider a tech-for-equity model, where we often take on the role of interim CTO. 

However, in order to receive a professional offer, it is very important to be clear about the details of the project. Ideally, a project description is already documented on the customer side, which enables the development of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), for example.

Any app expert, whether an agency or freelancer, will ask for project information to estimate the cost of implementation, consisting of app design, app programming, and aftercare if necessary. At appleute, you can get a free app development consultation in an initial phone call.

Developing an application through an agency requires solid thinking and open discourse between client and client. Without guidelines, without a clear idea of what the application should do, clients risk receiving a product that does not meet possible expectations. appleute does not move to project implementation until the specifications of an app development project are clear.

Based on an analysis, we can define together the actual of the desired app and decide what kind of solution is the optimal: Is there an existing app that we can adapt or does a custom app need to be programmed? The price is directly dependent on the requirements.

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What factors influence the price of programming an app?

What are the cost drivers in app development - native or cross-platform?

App functions

1. functions of the app

Each function requires a certain amount of work depending on its complexity, which is billed as a flat rate or per hour. When you approach the app programming project with appleute, the billing is usually based on milestones.

UI Design Experts

2. user interface and app design

User interface and app design are two elements of utmost importance for the success of your app. By communicating exact ideas to our project developments, you can ensure that you get a complete and successful application without unnecessary features. During the process of app development is close communication to fulfill needs.

3. the platforms

If you want to have your app programmed, it is essential for customers to be able to estimate the costs of an application. This includes the question on which platforms it should be available.

With agencies like appleute you can have native, hybrid and web apps developed

A bullet point distinction of the different application types and their application environments:

  • Native: Android Java and Kotlin and iOS Swift or Objective-C
  • Hybrid: React Native, Ionic or Cordova and many more. These frameworks are cross-platform, therefore cross-platform.
  • Web: Angular is one of the most prominent development environments for mobile web applications. The most performant Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are programmed with it in the Django IDE. The web application is also partially written in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The majority of applications are native. Users of smartphones and iPhones particularly appreciate the speed of these applications. More than 90 % of all currently existing apps are marketed via the Apple (App Store) and Google (Play) stores.

However, native apps are not referenced appropriately in the Google search engine, which can mean cutbacks in new customer acquisition. PWAs, on the other hand, are referenced by search engines and installed on the cell phone.

In principle, a successful way is to combine the advantages of native apps (performance, functionality, security, reliability) with those of PWAs (Google referencing, access via URL, compatibility with smartphone and desktop).

To implement an app programming

We identify the technology that is optimal for achieving your goals and requirements, go to embedding and testing. UI, UX, security and stability of the app are top priorities. We deliver for you.

One last piece of advice: Even though numerous customers and we ourselves are convinced of our qualities: Don't hesitate to ask for quotes from several agencies from which you potentially want to have your app developed. Make sure that it fits price-wise, professionally and (with regard to a long-term cooperation) humanly.

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